Though election commission is facing condemnation from the opposition party regarding its decision to extend postal ballots to those above 65 years of age, they are getting the support of senior citizen Federations.

While several political parties have expressed reservations over the move saying they should have been consulted, and that it could compromise the secrecy of the ballot, the ECI defended the decision citing the unprecedented scenario and the need to ensure that the most vulnerable sections are able to cast their vote.

The International Foundation for Human Development (IFHD) is learned to have written to the ECI expressing its appreciation on behalf of many senior citizens’ federations, ahead of the Bihar elections. It has suggested that the postal ballot for senior citizens should be extended beyond the Bihar elections as about 10% of the Indian population comprises senior citizens, a number that is increasing yearly.


This move will help India move towards the digital voting mode and include more senior citizens in the voting process, president of the IFHD, Dr. Rao VBJ Chelikani, is learned to have stated in a written communication to the poll panel.