After a 5-month break of international travel amid the coronavirus pandemic, Schengen countries have began the application procedure for candidates which had been halted. Italy, France and Germany are the countries where Indian students can start applying for visas for long term as well as short term stays.

Emmanuel Lenain, the Ambassador of France tweeted, “Finally, the wait is over! Delighted to announce that our visa service is now open for receiving applications for the short-stay and long-stay student visa category.”

Around 30,000 students apply for international studies every year, out of which 45% students apply for studies in Europe. Even though application process has begun, students are required to make appointments in advance in order to ensure social distancing. Along with France, other Schengen and European Union member states that have also begun the application procedure for India are- Denmark, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland and Portugal.

The Schengen visa procedure earlier took around 15-30 days, but keeping in mind the pandemic situation and various delays, student visas could take up to 30-40 days. Taking into account all this delay, various consultants to the Indian students have requested their clients to keep an average 60 days in space for the approval of their visas.

The application and admission procedure is beginning, but also due o country-specific lockdowns in several parts of Europe it is likely that offline lectures will begin in November ’20.