May 2019: Aditya Birla Group’s ingredient brand LIVA presented the immense possibilities in Sarees at Eastern India’s Biggest Fashion Event – KOLKATA FASHION EXPO 2019 which is aimed towards bringing together the brightest and best fashion minds across the country. LIVA was the title sponsor of the event.

The trade fair brought alive the magic of the fluid fabric and sustain the most imperative Indian ethnic culture with style. LIVA, the new age fabric brand, unfurled a whole wide world of sarees & suitable fabrics to the manufacturers, retailers as well as exporters. Value chain partners from different hubs including Bhagalpur, Erode, Surat & Varanasi closely working with LIVA presented their collection signifying a distinctive fashion statement that one can create with the country’s heritage in an aristocrat way. The fabric of LIVA sarees was associated with luxurious softness, feather like feel and easy manageability to ensure a refined and graceful look.

LIVA’s efforts aimed at providing innovative, technical product and marketing solutions for the brands and buyers from across the country with this category. Sarees commands to have a market share of 50% in women’s ethnic wear segment. Given more than 100 draping styles have been documented for Saree, it is the fabric that can leave a first-time sari shopper bewildered. LIVA’s effort is to educate the consumers regarding the different fabric offerings and to showcase the fluidity of viscose & modal in Saree’s. The elegance of a saree is defined by the drape and fall of the fabric. Keeping these qualities in mind, viscose is becoming the new choice of fabrics in sarees.

Customers and business partners appreciated the range of Liva’s Royale as well as 9 to 9 collection for prolonged usage. Retailers have shown immense interest promoting Sarees with Birla Cellulose fibres including Viscose, Modal & Excel.

Spokesperson from Liva commented, “The saree segment has been quite unorganised for years. Through LIVA efforts, we hope to promote the quintessential Indian garment. It has been adapted all across India, with each region giving its own spin. We plan on embracing the culture and educating the consumers in terms of the fabric and fall. Kolkata is a major textile hub and hence is the ideal location to focus on innovation in the saree category

Birla Cellulose aims at pushing the sustainability movement in India. With the entry of LIVA in the category, Saree too is set to be more sustainable with use of technologically enhanced eco-friendly fabrics.

About LIVA: LIVA is a new-age fabric from Aditya Birla Group. Unlike other fabrics that are boxy or synthetic, LIVA is a soft, fluid fabric which falls and drapes well. A promise that is delivered through accredited value chain. The new-age, naturally sourced fiber made into fabric in pure or blended form, transforms not just the garment but also the person wearing it. It is comfortable, soft, natural, and eco-friendly.

About Birla Cellulose: Birla Cellulose represents the Pulp and Fiber business of Aditya Birla Group, is India’s pioneer in Viscose Staple Fiber (VSF). Birla Cellulose Fibers are of 100% natural origin, highly absorbent, have an especially good feel, and are completely biodegradable. As an extremely versatile and easily blendable fiber, VSF is widely used in apparels, home textiles, dress material, knitted wear and non-woven applications. Birla Cellulose commands a major market share in the man-made cellulose Fiber domain.