Santoni is celebrating 100 years of technological revolution at ITMA 2019 with its latest seamless circular knitting machines, together with sock knitting machines, large diameter fabric knitting machines, and also process finishing machines, in hall 08, booth C201. The textile and garment technology expo is being held from June 20-26, 2019, at Barcelona.

The company is also displaying the brand new, patented ‘X MACHINE’ and ‘XT MACHINE’ with their ingenious intarsia technology, a new automatic finishing system for seamless boxers, and the innovative ‘K Fabric Project’ that introduces a completely new type of knitted textile process, according to a media statement from Santoni.

Within the Seamless range of machines there is a technological re-vamp of the renowned model SM8-TOP2V, with 4 models on display in diverse gauges. While the SM8-TR1S and the SM8-TOP4J have been completely up-dated and equipped with new structural elements and electronics. In a special corner of the booth, an SM8-TOP2V seamless machine has been expressively matched with Santoni’s new automatic finishing machine for boxers – creating a unique ‘Boxer Process Station’.

Also on show is the new TC CUT machine, a round-shape toe closer with an integrated slitting device to prepare stockings for manual assembly. The up-dated versatile Mec-Mor technology, with the type Cmp2/Open and type HP machines, are still the only machines on the market equipped with needle-shifting movement of the needle beds, (= racking) a bi-directional transfer on the same feed allowing variable widths of the knitted panel (= Variatex technology). Mec-Mor is known throughout the world as the only alternative range of machines that look circular but perform like a V-bed machine. The Mec-Mor can manufacture sportswear performance garments, knitted men’s jackets and various other eye-catching products, examples of which, are on show in our Trend Area.

Santoni has also designed the innovative and newly patented X MACHINE technology. This technology offers the possibility to knit countless Intarsia items for creating seamless, knitted uppers using a revolutionary 3D intarsia technology that maps the foot for perfect fit and form, as well as offering unlimited patterns and colour combinations.

Today, shoe manufacturers can benefit from the innovative Single-cylinder XT MACHINE INTARSIA electronic knitting machine with all the above intarsia features but also offering intarsia knit products with breathable mesh areas with cushioning and/or transfer-stitch points knitted in sculptured terry.

The company is also showing two new models of sock knitting machines. The new single cylinder machine with one feed Model HT 50 – produces heavy socks in terry with 4 colours plus ground on the same course. There is the possibility of knitted or laid-in elastic for a single or double welt, or a 4-colour pattern double welt with tuck stitch. The all new single cylinder machine with one feed and needles-in-the-dial model STAR S produces high-quality socks in true rib, 5-colour patterns, with knitted or laid-in elastic and sculptured terry.

Three large diameter machines, ZENITH HS, PULSAR Double Face, and ZENIT 2.4 JE mesh RP, are also exhibited. Fine gauge is the strong point of these machines. This time fine gauge is used to knit a double face fabric, which allows the use of two different yarns, for true plating, keeping the fabric light.

A dedicated area showcases the K FABRIC – PROJECT. This is a revolutionary process answering the requirements of the modern fast fashion market that demands customised, rapid and short production cycles. It takes advantage of the company’s circular knitting machines transforming the circular knitted meshes into a linear fabric, with incredible cost and fabric quality advantages.

On the ground floor a special pathway has been created to visually accompany and impress our visitors called the Trend-Area. Technical performance shirts, smart-textile items, new-concept garments, backpacks, a huge variety of socks, and unique footwear are all on display. (GK)

Author: Rajkap