Santex SPA, a global leader in premier incontinence, surgical dressing, and orthopaedic products, announces the purchase of Parentgiving, Inc. Parentgiving is the nation’s leading retailer of caring supplies for the elderly. Santex’s U.S. business will treble, allowing it to access a more wealthy American market.

The company has spent the last year merging operations and building an expanded line of Dry Direct’s hallmark Dry Direct goods in preparation for US expansion. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Parentgiving,” says Santex president Alessandra Castiglioni.
Parentgiving, a major store focused on the elderly and their carers, has expanded its Dry Direct brand to include Santex. Santex uses its strengths and unrivalled experience as a renowned partner of the Italian Healthcare System to continuously improve and provide the best in incontinence management and personal care. Santex will impact product development, research and development, and capital investments with the addition of Parentgiving’s sales intelligence and marketplace data from US consumers.