With exponential growth in the weaving segment over last few years, there is
growing demand for quality spares for these machines. OEMs do cater to most
of the demand, but textile mills look out for an alternate source of supply.
Identifying an opportunity in this segment, Sanjay Plastics has developed a
comprehensive range of rubber and plastic components for weaving machines.
To add strength to its product portfolio, the group started NK Temples in 2011
to manufacture temple for weaving machines. Together, Sanjay Plastics and NK
Temples cater to the large requirement of spares in the replacement market for
weaving machines.
The company specializes in spare parts for weaving machines loom like
projectile machinery, air jet looms, rapier looms, namely, Sulzer, Picanol,
Toyota, Tsudakoma, Dornier, Somet, Vamatex, Panter, Muller Loom, Staubli
Dobby spare parts, Weft Feeder Accumulator IRO ROJ spares accessories,
Heald frame Parts & accessories, our Imported parts segment having all type
electronic spare parts for all types weaving looms, dobby, electronic jacquard
Started in 1970, Sanjay Plastics initially manufactured spares for the spinning
segment. The company was quick to identify the future demand for quality
components in the weaving segment and shifted focus in weaving.
Today, it has e established a fully equipped engineering facility with Rubber,
Plastics & CNC Machines at Kota, Rajasthan to manufacture a comprehensive
range of plastics, rubber & metal parts for weaving machines. All the
component are designed and manufactured in-house says Mr. Ravindra
Agarwal, Director, Sanjay Plastics.
Sanjay Plastics product range also includes Projectile Brake lining for PU
Loom, Tw11 Loom, PS Loom, P7100 Loom, Harness Roller Spacing Rings,
Switch Element, Traction Element, Indexing Arm, Guide Tooth Block, Staubli

Dobby 12/16/20/24/28 shaft electro magnet Bar, Picking lever, Scissors cam
plate, Temple Roller dummy rings, Warp stop motion bracket, Projectile Guide
insert, Leno Bobbin, Jacquard comber board, Puller and Pusher, Weft Feeder
Accumulator winding disc, Solenoid valve plunger and many more products.
New setup is formed in 2011 for manufacturing ring temples that go into
weaving machines. The company has set up a modern state-of-the-art
manufacturing unit with latest technology machines and rubber and plastic
injection moulding machines & CNC machines Currently the company is
catering to the aftermarket, but it is already in discussion with all major
machinery manufacturers for OEM supplies. The company currently has
capacity to manufacture 100 set, per day.
Sanjay Plastics are also major exporters of weaving components to Bangladesh,
Pakistan Sri Lanka, Turkey, Kenya, Nigeria, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Canada,
Mauritius, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Italy, and France.
Currently the company is supplying components directly to end user customers
in these markets and plans to appoint distributors in these regions shortly.
“We want to become a one-stop-shop for plastic, rubber, metal components and
temples. We keep developing new components based on customer
requirements. In a month we develop almost 10 new components as per
customer specifications and market requirements. We are confident that our
components can benchmarked among the top suppliers worldwide in term of
quality and performance”, says Mr. Agarwal.
Sanjay plastics along with sister concern group companies, has a turnover of
3.5-4 Million usd