Sabar Machine Tools Mfg Cohas launched its new DUALHEAD SERVOCOT, its Dual Head Fully Automated Servo Controlled Cot Grinding Machine with Diameter set software. It is equipped with two Grinding zones. Its salient features include Servo controlled with Touch screen PLC / MMI; Diameter set software; Automatic sorting; Auto feeding system of Top Rollers. The production capacity is 600-650 Top Rollers / hr. Sabar Machine Tools Pvt Ltd is the one stop solution for all cot grinding machine needs. Sabar is a leading dual head fully automated servo controlled cot grinding machine manufacturer in India. It offers premium quality dual head fully automated servo controlled cot grinding machine in India and many other countries. Claimed to be the best dual head fully automated servo controlled cot grinding machine, it is available with diameter set software is suitable for small cots like ring frames, speed frames, elite etc., and long cots like draw frames, combers, etc.

The grinding range for ring and speed frames, elite rollers come with diameter of 25 mm to 40 mm and length of maximum of 190 mm. The grinding range of draw frame / comber roller comes with diameter of 20 mm to 100 mm and length of maximum of 500 mm.

The Net / Gross weight Machine: 1400 / 1600 Kg • Dust Collecting unit: 80 / 150 Kg. Packing Dimension Machine: 2540 L x 1525 W x 1930 H • Dust Collecting unit: 915 L x 585 W x 1295 H (in mm)200 mm width, Diameter set software is provided. Which means as per the user’s input, the Machine will take Grinding cut. If Cot isout of Diameter range, then machine will reject it automatically. Other features are:
1. Auto feeding box: For feeding Top Rollers;
2. Collection box: For collecting Ground Rollers
3. Rejection box: For collecting Rejected Rollers