Check ROICA ™ partners @ Interfilière Paris, Milano Unica and Première Vision to discover the ultimate solutions for wellbeing smart stretch

January – February 2023 – ROICA™, Asahi Kasei’s iconic premium stretch fiber manufacturer, strengthens its presence in the apparel, underwear, swimwear and legwear segments thanks to its established premium network of partners, who will present their latest innovations activated by ROICA™, at Interfilière Paris (January 21-23), Milano Unica (January 31-February 2) and Première Vision Paris (February 7-9).

ROICA™ delivers wellbeing in all your clothing, transforming the way they work for you, the way they fit and the way they make you feel in mind and body. Physical comfort is about stretch, fit and bodily well-being, but mental and emotional comfort for today’s consumer goes well beyond thinking about their own good but the good of the world. And that’s where ROICA™  journey and performance can meet both  the outside and the inside because it respects both people and the environment, as well as redefining performance in clothing. All these top-notch values are declined by ROICA™’s valuable web of partners in a variety of fields: fashion, legwear, sportswear, underwear and swimwear.ROICA™ is able to redefine performance, sustainability and circularity of stretch, while delivering the style, support and 360° comfort.

Among the most appreciated yarns by ROICA™’s partners there are ROICA™ EF, a sustainable recycled stretch yarn obtained from pre-consumer materials and ROICA™ V550, a pioneer in eco-circular stretch, which is the world-first sustainable degradable yarn by Asahi Kasei. It partially degrades decomposing into CO2 and water. ROICA™ V550 is a world-first, Cradle to Cradle-Certified™ stretch(elastane) yarn with a Material Health Gold Level Certificate.
In order to ASSURE that what is labelled as ROICA™ Sustainable truly reflects the brand’s new generation values, the company created and introduced a branding policy indicating the allowed blends for their smart yarns belonging to the unique ROICA Eco-Smart™ family. A big step toward complete transparency and transparent AUTHENTIC communication. declares ROICA Senior Executive Manager Takehiro Kamiyama.

At Interfilière Paris – the international fair dedicated to fabrics and accessories for the beachwear, underwear and athleisure sectors –   ROICA ™ partners such as

  • ILUNA Hall 4 booth C87      
  • INNOVA FABRICS SRL Hall 4 booth D107                      
  • INPLET Hall 4 booth D117             
  • LAUMA FABRICS Hall 4 booth H80
  • MAGLIFICIO RIPA Hall 4 booth C87
  • TESSITURA COLOMBO ANTONIO SRL Hall 4 booth F118       

shared their latest fabric innovations made with ROICA™ premium stretch where sustainability cutting-edge performance and wellbeing values will be on stage.

At Milano Unica – the leading trade fair for high-end fabrics and accessories for Women’s and Men’s wear – the following partners will be exhibiting their latest novelties made with ROICA™:

  • BRUGNOLI Hall 16 booth E19 E21 E23
  • ILUNA GROUP Hall 12 booth G37
  • MAGLIFICIO RIPA Hall 12 booth G37
  • SITIP Hall 8 INNOV. booth 01

At Première Vision Paris – a unique event designed to facilitate the sourcing from yarns to manufacturing, fabrics, leathers, designs, colors and accessories – the following partners will be exhibiting their latest novelties made with ROICA™:

  • ILUNA GROUP stand 5R13
  • INNOVA FABRICS stand 4B96
  • SOFILETA stand 6K52
  • TINTEX online

Here a brief intro to their latest novelties containing ROICA™:

  • Iluna Group: focuses on circular economy with Ultralight innovations based on upcycling, eco-high-tech finishings and responsible ingredients.

For the SS24 season the Iluna team continues its developments with GOTS-certified organic cotton in its galoons and allovers, to add a natural touch to its Green Label line. Among the ingredients chosen by Iluna Group are: Renycle® and Q-NOVA®, both GRS-certified pre-consumer recycled polyamide yarns in addition to the recycled stretch ROICA™ EF by Asahi Kasei. Among the new technical developments on laces, Iluna then worked on variable elasticity modules, resulting in reinforced edges or zones of differentiated elasticity that can be variously positioned within the laces.

  • Innova Fabrics a very light-weight, square-elastic, live cut and shape interlock with ROICA Colour Perfect™ family. It guarantees the return of the fabric to its original position after a varied number of strecth, thus perfect for knee and elbow. A raw cut interlock and superelastic shape made with ROICA Colour Perfect™ family. Interlock fabric for swimwear, sports and apparel Interlock / scuba, double fabric made with Sensil®BioCare by Nilit and ROICA™ V550. An interlock / scuba double fabric is ideal for underwear sportswear and an interlock raw cut square stretch with technical hand and good elasticity suitable for underwear, swim, sport. Both made with ROICA™ Colour Perfect family.
  • LAUMA FABRICS: unique fabrics with a very nice handfeel perfect for everyday use in lingerie or but also in the sports sector with ROICA Resistance™ family. Articles with very high function and is perfect for sports or athletics with ROICA Colour Perfect™ family. a 4-way stretch with ROICA™ V550 fabric made with weftloc, a very old technology that connects two technologies: warpknit and weaving. A versatile fabric with ROICA™ V550 with high function and fine feel that you can use for lingerie, sports or medical sector. A lightweight fabric with a fine hole pattern made with ROICA™ V550. Suitable for lingerie and sports. Breathable and comfortable on the skin.
  • Maglificio Ripa: the Splash collection for summer 2024 is based on two major seemingly unrelated themes, yet actually joined by the same metrics and the same matrix. Not only that. Same attention is also devoted to sustainability in its many nuances, of pre- and post-consumer recycled yarns and ROICA™ EF recycled stretch up to the employment of fibres from used clothing for the purpose of achieving a very circular textile economy. The first part is more shouty, bold, vitaminic and colourful. Noteworthy is the introduction of multi-coloured lurex, cutting through the fabric as a never-dominant rainbow yet showing a flash of colour for energy and graphic vigour injection. Printed fabrics and 3D jacquard are ennobled by innovative processing capable of moving the backgrounds to suggest a final organic and sometimes irreverent look. The second part of the collection featured by a cocoon spirit, enveloping like a caress and soft as a hug. Fabrics that well fit underwear or loungewear as well as beachwear, technical and sophisticate with light and silky touches.
  • Penn Textile Solutions GmbH, Penn Italia: The main fabrics proposed are:
    • Antibacterial and sustainable blends with COOLMAX® EcoMade and ROICA™ V550 with breathability and draining power that keeps the skin dry. Fabrics with both body mapping effect structure,and with reinforced bands that can be customized quickly and easily.
    • Circular economy-oriented articles in NERIDE® BIO and ROICA™ V550
    • Some innovative articles containing yarns belonging to the ROICA Colour Perfect™ family and created for both the Bath and Sport lines, whose special laser effect can be variously positioned with multiple customization possibilities.
  • Sofileta: presents new articles within the Green’Oblige line made of premium ingredients such as the Newlife™ re-engineered polyester from 100% post consumer plastic bottles and ROICA™ EF sustainable recycled stretch. The collection is created starting from well-defined criterias that include: the origin of the material used, sustainable production equipment with a strict limitation of effluents into the environment. Sofileta offers a 55 colour stock service.
  • TVB: presents a spacer fabric made of recycled polyester and organic cotton and a spacer fabric made of recycled polyester both made with ROICA Resistance™ family Double face fabric made of Polyamide micro and double face fabric (high gauge knitting) made of Polyamide, Lyocell, both made with ROICA Resistance™ family.