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ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei on Stage @Kingpins: Advanced Sustainable Stretch Solutions for a Contemporary Denimwear

Published: October 10, 2023

ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei knows that value creation is the foundation of contemporary business, and today this can happen only meeting market demand for top-notch responsible innovations. That’s why ROICA™ strategy – for all its broad applications- is based on two key elements:

  • A strong focus on R&D dedicated to deliver innovative solutions with lower impact  on people and environment.
  • A consolidation of partnerships along the whole supply chain through concrete collaborations with companies sharing the ROICA™ values.

Let’s introduce ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei advanced sustainable stretch solutions:

  1. ROICA™ V550: the sustainable degradable yarn rewarded with a Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Material Health Certificate. It degrades under ISO 14855-1 tested by OWS decomposing into CO2 and water. ROICA™ V550 enables Asahi Kasei to deliver a contemporary, performing, certified, degradable and safe end of life innovation for denimwear.
  2. ROICA™ EF (Chlorine resistance version): @Kingpins ROICA™ is also adding a new innovation to its advanced sustainable portfolio, fully dedicated to denim and swimwear application. In fact this yarn is made from 35% of in house pre-consumer waste and is able to offer better durability under chlorine conditions.

And now let’s introduce ROICA™ by Asahi Kasei leading partners for denimwear featuring iconic ROICA™V550 such as Artistic Milliners, Candiani Denim and Prosperity:

Artistic Milliners & ROICA™ V550 in its Earthcore Line: this line represents a platform where Artistic Milliners is focusing on using biodegradable/compostable materials where advanced degradable ROICA™ V550 represents their premium stretch ingredient able to align with the principle of circularity and aiming for zero waste. Earthcore fabrics are Ellen Mac Arthur Jeans Redesign-compliant and feature the company’s proprietary Crystal Clear 2.0 dyeing tech enabling salt-free Sulphur over dying.

Candiani Denim & ROICA™ V550 in the ReSolve collection: blended with GOTS certified organic cotton/regenagri® certified regenerative cotton, it represents a real innovation and uniqueness, a step further toward a greener denim production. ReSolve can combine innovative fibre blends together with revolutionary dyeing and finishing technologies. And cherry on the cake, at Kingpins’ ROICA™ booth, in order to walk the talk, Candiani will display a selection of Closed jeans made with ReSolve denim fabricsClosed is a contemporary fashion brand, rooted in denim since 1978. The jeans with ReSolve denim are part of A BETTER BLUE, Closed’s sustainable denim line that combines sustainable materials, eco-friendly dyeing methods and gentle washing techniques to create high-quality jeans that are sustainable from start to finish. This way, at least 50% of water, 65% of chemicals and 25% of electricity are saved in comparison to conventional denim production. Every pair of A BETTER BLUE jeans by Closed is made in Europe.

Prosperity Textile & ROICA™ V550 in its LEAVE NO TRACE line, a special collection dedicated to denim that on top of design and quality is taking care of our fundamental responsibility: the end of life of denim. For SS25 Prosperity Textile is introducing THE ONE as part of LEAVE NO TRACE. This unique fabric is made of recycled cotton and ROICA™ V550, designed to benefit universal design, combining authentic looks with comfort and circular features, offering a complete value proposition and taking the extra mile on the journey towards a better denim industry.

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