The unabated surge in fees of cotton and cotton yarn might also additionally have an effect on the country`s garb exports goal of USD 19-20 billion at some stage in the cutting-edge fiscal, AEPC chairman Narendra Goenka stated on Thursday.  He stated that the fees have jumped through approximately 125-one hundred thirty in line with cent over the last 18 months and one of the motives for that could be “unchecked” exports of cotton and cotton yarn. He counseled the authorities to impose a transient ban on exports of cotton and cotton yarn like Indonesia has achieved for its palm oil.

 “In 2021-22, the exports had been USD sixteen billion and we’re focused on USD 19-20 billion this fiscal. But due to the charge upward thrust, it appears to be a situation on attaining the goal. The enterprise is going through a massive task on the uncooked fabric front,” Goenka stated. He brought that if the charge upward thrust does now no longer stop, international clients might begin searching at sourcing alternatives aside from India.