The global export of apparels of manmade fibres including men’s or boy’s overcoats, carcoats, capes, cloaks, anoraks, windcheaters, wind-jackets and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, other than those of heading 6103 jumped 18.94 per cent to $1,282.49 million in the year 2019 compared to $1,078.24 million in 2017.

Total exports rose 4.99 per cent in 2019 over the previous year and is expected to drop to $1,240.90 million in 2022 with a rate of 3.24 per cent from 2019.

China ($255.57 million), Vietnam ($200.29 million), Jordan ($96.45 million), Belgium ($90.07 million) and Netherlands ($71.43 million) were the key exporters of apparels of manmade fibres across the globe in 2019, together comprising 55.66 per cent of total export. These were followed by Cambodia ($68.09 million), Germany ($52.69 million) and Italy ($42.10 million).From 2016 to 2019, the most notable rate of growth in terms of export value, amongst the main exporting countries, was attained by Jordan (216.60 per cent), Netherlands (158.83 per cent), Belgium (77.59 per cent) and Vietnam (20.87 per cent).

US ($536.85 million), Germany ($100.58 million), Japan ($99.40 million) and UK ($88.98 million) were the key importers of cotton apparels in the globe in 2019.