Bhilwara: Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) polyester business’ Hub Excellence Programme (HEP) for co-branding of yarns and fabrics made from Recron® SuperBlack fibres has received tremendous response form dignitaries from textile industry at a gala event heled at Vastra Nagri, here.

Around 100 prominent textile industry entrepreneurs from large weaving, processing and fabric designing units attended and appreciated the Recron® SuperBlack fibre technology, making it one of the largest event for Recron® SuperBlack.

While commenting on the success of HEP event Mr Hemant D Sharma, Head Polyester Sector, RIL said “We are overwhelmed by the response and inquires that we have received form the textile fraternity and especially from spinners for associating with us for manufacturing and co-branding of Recron® SuperBlack yarns.”

“Recron® SuperBlack fibres provides a unique value proposition to the spinners as the yarns produced are in great demand from the R | Elan SuperBlack fabric manufactures, Mr Sharma added.”

RIL, a leader in innovation based polyester, showcased its various fibre products and elaborated the quality, benefits, scope, market dynamics and growth opportunities available for spinners and weavers and designers for using a bouquet of Recron® fibres, especially Recron® SuperBlack.

RIL manufactures Recron® SuperBlack using specially developed technology in its state of the art plant.  Recron® SuperBlack is being used for making high-end fashion applications in formal wear as well as in knits. With Recron® Superblack, RIL is providing the complete supply solutions to brands and retailers looking for lasting premium black fabrics.

The uniquely manufactured Recron® SuperBlack provides superior color consistency and unmatched color fastness with shade richness. It’s a delightful experience for yarn manufacturers who wants to provide superior quality yarns to leading fabric manufacturers.

Recron® SuperBlack enhances spinning productivity, weaving performance and efficiency that leads to the best quality end product.

Being a globally accepted product with Reach Compliant and Oekotex -100 Certified, Recron® SuperBlack yarns are the most sought after in the leading export markets.

Furthermore, Recron® SuperBlack can be converted into better quality spun yarn, having higher strength and with fewer imperfections, these properties make the fabric superior to handle, drape and easy to care. These properties make Recron® SuperBlack based yarns one of the most sought after by fabric manufactures.

Mr Deepak Aggarwal, M.R Weaving (Baba Spinners), the first spinner in Bhilwara to clinch the opportunity to partner with RIL in co- branding of its yarn as “Powered by Recron® SuperBlack”, said “I am proud to partner with RIL for co-branding of our yarns as this will provide us assured supply of quality raw material and over and above we will also receive advanced knowhow, technical guidance from experienced RIL officials to produce quality yarns, for which there is acute dearth in the market.”

“(Powered by – Recron® SuperBlack) will help M. R. Weaving to carve out niche and differentiate its products on quality parameters in otherwise crowded market,” Mr. Aggarwal added.

RIL, as an industry leader, under its HEP programme takes series of initiatives to support textile value chain and facilitates best quality fabrics made available to the Indian apparel, retail brands and consumers.