RoopRashi, Textile Commissioner, Coimbatore, said that the textile exports that saw a dip in July are expected to rise in the coming days. According to the preliminary estimates available, the export of readymade garments (RMG) declined 0.6% from $1,389.3 million in July 2021 to $1,380.5 million in July 2022. Cotton yarn fabrics, and made-ups exports slid 28.3% to $943.5 million ($1,313.4 million).

She said that the drop in the exports was only temporary and would revive soon. While speaking on the cotton productivity and quality, she said that the core issues related to the cotton sector had been identified, specific action groups were formed and the industry had also been involved towards arriving at solutions. Everyone including the farmers, traders, ginners and spinners were had come together. She further said that they hoped to receive a master plan by the industry members for the improvement of the value chain.