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REVECOL® By ERCA — Recycled Vegetable Cooking Oil is an exhibitor at ITMA 2023

Published: May 4, 2023

A significant advance for circularity in textiles and for research:A new generation of high-performing textile chemical auxiliaries, REVECOL® (Recycled Vegetable Cooking Oil) is made from used vegetable cooking oil. Thus, for the first time, this stage of the textile supply chain can also use materials in a circular manner, enhancing the finished product’s true sustainability.

Chemical auxiliaries are essential to many phases of the textile production process, from material preparation to dyeing and finishing, but they pose a difficult challenge in terms of minimising their negative environmental effects.

Herein lies the unique feature of REVECOL® by ERCA: for the first time, a full variety of auxiliary chemicals, not just one product, is available. is accessible that satisfies the circularity requirements while guaranteeing top-notch outcomes in terms of quality and performance.

The product of ongoing research at ERCA, REVECOL® is actually made from vital waste materials (exhausted vegetable oils) that are converted into a line of cutting-edge chemical auxiliaries for the entire textile industry and its various applications, from knickers to home textiles, thanks to a manufacturing process that is safe and environmentally friendly. Circular DNA, certification, safety, excellent performance, and adaptability on every kind of textile fibre, whether virgin or recycled, are just a few of the distinctive features of this full line of products.REVECOL® by ERCA has earned the most significant certifications, including GRS, RCS, bluesign®, GOTS, and listed into ZDHC Chemical Gateway, in acknowledgment of its distinctive and revolutionary qualities. completing the third-party validated PCF (Product Carbon Footprint) as well as receiving numerous international awards, including the Italian Federchimica Responsible Care® First Prize and inclusion in the European Community’s BAT (Best Available Techniques) document.

“At ERCA, we constantly search for novel solutions by creating products that are simultaneously competitive, high-performing, and sustainable. As the “so far missing piece” for the production of textile materials that enable the approach to a more accountable and certified supply chain without compromising on performance, REVECOL® is the ideal illustration of this. remarks Fabio Locatelli, director of the textile business unit at ERCA S.p.A.


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