The withering away of a sari can be heart-wrenching for an owner, especially if it has been handed down generations. But today it is possible to restore a sari to its pristine state, writes Meher Castelino.

One of the most beautiful garments in the world is the sari. This amazing feminine drape can be styled in nearly 100 ways and remains a prized possession of every Indian woman, both young and old. The sari’s heritage is as varied as its stunning beauty when shimmering weaves, intricate motifs and mesmerizing colours create a visual symphony. When it comes to owning or bequeathing a sari, women ensure that the six-yard wonder remains in its pristine state. Saris move down generations, and it can be heart-wrenching for an owner to see its condition deteriorate.

Necessities bring about inventions, and problems often find innovative solutions. Today, there are a handful of expert textile and sari designers who can either revive the beautiful weaves and motifs or are able to restore a sari to its original state. Both methods are extremely painstaking, time consuming and extremely expensive. But when a lady is emotionally attached to her heritage sari, the cost factor is of least importance.