Resonance Companies announced today a significant step for the reintroduction of domestic textile manufacturing. the establishment of the company’s first sew production plant in the United States in New York City The 300-square-foot studio is located next to Resonance’s headquarters at Pier 59 in Chelsea Piers. Resonance created the first creation-to-customer-closet platform for sustainable fashion, employing digital printing on organic and environmentally certified fabrics as part of a fully automated process to design, sell, and manufacture garments in real time, on demand, and sustainably anywhere in the world.
Resonance has built the first creation-to-customer-closet platform for sustainable fashion. Their new facility is comprised of 12 sewing stations with the ability to make hundreds of garments per week supported by Resonance’s proprietary technology. The company is also working to create a network of US-based sew production firms utilizing the Resonance platform to renew stateside manufacturing across the country.
Resonance is a start-up that aims to connect designers, consumers and the planet by connecting them with textile manufacturing facilities around the world. The company’s goal is to open hundreds of new production facilities and connect existing ones while also connecting existing ones. These next generation manufacturers will compete on cost and by being closer to the end customer, adding value to the last-mile process, and producing garments that create social and environmental value transparently.