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Reliance Industries Limited had Participate in Techtextil India

Published: September 6, 2023

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), founded by Shri Dhirubhai H. Ambani, is India’s largest private sector company headquartered in Mumbai. RIL’s businesses span hydrocarbon exploration and production, petroleum refining and marketing, petrochemicals, advanced materials and composites, renewables (solar and hydrogen), retail and digital services. RIL is the first Indian private sector company to feature in Fortune’s Global 500 list of the ‘World’s Largest Companies’, currently ranked at 88th in 2023. It stands 45th in the ‘Forbes Global 2000 rankings for 2023 – the top-most among Indian companies. The company has been ranked among the world’s 20 best companies to work with, highest amongst Indian companies in Forbes’ World’s Best Employers for 2022. It features among LinkedIn’s “Top Companies 2023: The 25 Best Workplaces To Grow Your Career In India”.

Reliance offers a wide variety of product portfolio for Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Industry under brand name Recron®, Recron® IDY, Recron® 3s and HEXaREL™ Recron®, a leading name in the textile industry, is proud to introduce its latest advancements in engineered fibres for nonwoven applications. These revolutionary fibres are poised to redefine the standards of filtration efficiency, acoustic performance, thermal properties, and sustainability across various industries.

Here are some of our products / brands catering to industry needs to cater to end users.

Recron® Max-cover, a unique and specially engineered fibre for Nonwoven solution with its multi-lob fibrous structure. This fibre boasts ultra-high filtration efficiency, acoustic enhancement, and lightweight properties. The increased surface area translates to enhanced insulation, thermal performance, and bonding capabilities. The low DHS (< 3.0% at 196⁰C) and improved SAC (Sound Absorption Coefficient) makes Recron® Max-cover an ideal choice.

Recron® Fiberfill Green EcoGold – CiCLO Inside, sets new standards for eco-friendly fibre solutions. Developed with sustainable textile technology, this polyester fibre is biodegradable under specific environmental conditions, contributing to a circular economy. Developed from 100% recycled post-consumer PET bottles, it offers excellent bouncy fibrefill with recovery and it biodegrades at rates akin to natural fibres. The added feature of traceability in the value chain underscores Recron®’s commitment in pushing sustainability and circularity for downstream industries.

 Recron® Fiberfill: Low-Shrinkage, an innovative polyester fibre engineered for high strength, low heat shrinkage, and exceptional heat resistance. With properties like high tenacity, elongation, and thermal stability, this fibre is an ideal choice for applications requiring durability and reliability. Its ultra-low shrinkage ensures its suitability for hot air nonwoven filters, industrial nonwoven filters, and even washable pillows in healthcare settings.

 Recron® Ecotherm is a high-bulk, eco-friendly engineered fibre designed to elevate functional properties. Engineered for superior thermal insulation, quick-drying capabilities, and lightweight comfort, this fibre caters to a range of applications, from winter wears, rugs, carpets, throws and also specialized non-wovens. With its deep-dyed colour brilliance, GRS certification, and exceptional resilience, Recron® Ecotherm brings sustainability and performance together like never before.

 HEXaREL™ Fibrefill is a next-generation smart multifunctional polyester. Its revolutionary blend of warmth and lightness is perfect for thermal wear and sleep solutions, delivering outstanding insulation performance with up to 30% higher TOG/CLO values compared to conventional fibres. This fibre replicates the luxurious comfort of down while offering exceptional benefits. HEXaREL™ Fiberfill provides heat retention, odour control, thermoregulation, virus resistance, and anti-static properties.

 HEXaREL™ is an additive solution that revolutionizes fabric performance by imparting 6 functional properties.
Primarily applied during the dyeing stage of manufacturing, HEXaREL™ seamlessly adapts to cellulosic materials like cotton, viscose, synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, etc., and blends. It offers sustainable and essential advantages across various applications. From apparel to home textiles, HEXaREL™’s unparalleled blend of properties redefines industry standards, making it a standout choice.

With Reliance’s vast experience over decades into Polyesters and textiles value chain and our globally renowned R&D capabilities allow us to innovate new products that not only provide functional benefits, meeting high- quality standards and are long lasting and provide value for money for end-users. From our manufacturing process, stringent quality standards and certifications to meeting customers ever evolving requirements – we ensure that our
groundbreaking fibre solutions from Recron® and HEXaREL™ reshapes the nonwoven applications, setting new benchmarks for efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

To keep abreast of the ever-changing industry dynamics and value-chain expectations, Reliance tries to participate in most of the leading trade and business events. Such participations also provide us an opportunity to support our customers, in the downstream industries, communicate new product developments and applications. We therefore look forward to the upcoming TECHTEXTIL INDIA show. We would showcase some new solutions and hope to engage with technical textiles and nonwoven sector professionals in exploring potential collaborations, partnerships, and advancements for the Indian industry.

We envision a bright future for the Technical Textiles and Nonwoven segment in the Global market. As customers, continue to seek innovative, sustainable, and high-performance solutions, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of fibre technology positions us at the forefront of this growth trajectory. We anticipate robust demand and widespread adoption of our advanced fibre solutions as downstream industries increasingly prioritize efficiency,
functionality, and environmental responsibility.

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