Representatives of Home Textile Exporters’ Welfare Association (HEWA) Shri Anant Srivastava and Shri  Vikas Singh Chauhan met with Textile Secretary, G.O.I Shri Ravi Capoor at Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi on dated 17.12.2019  at Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi.

Home Textile Exporters’ Welfare Association (HEWA) is continuously working for the benefit and safeguarding the interests of Small and Medium Exporters in Textile sector.

By way of this memorandum, the office bearers of the Home Textile Exporters’ Welfare Association (HEWA) wish to bring to your kind notice a crucial point.

It is a well-known fact that due to various Global factors there is a sense of slowdown and the Indian Exports are going down despite bulk orders available with the Indian Exporters.

The Indian Textile Exporters have already lost the opportunity to sell out there products in the international markets on the eve of pre-Christmas 2019.

Indian textile exporters are facing a liquidity crunch on the account of non-payment of RoSCTL and suspension of MEIS scheme payments after August-2019 till date. And further there is no clarification from the government bodies regarding resumption of MEIS .

Even in the pinching conditions of trade, the Indian textile exporter is once again making its mind to procure orders for summer sale from foreign markets

Indian textile exporters have already planned their visits to attend the forthcoming International Trade Fair in Germany, which is to be organized in the month of January 2020 for booking future (summer) orders but they are not in a position to spread their costing as they have not received a single penny even after 9 months from the already rolled out scheme of RoSCTL vide Gazette Notification dated 07.03.2019 and also due to suspension of MEIS scheme since August 2019.

On the contrary the foreign Exporters have a clear-cut picture regarding the costing of their products and the subsidy/benefits that they can receive from their governments which enables them to quote profitable rates in the International markets.

Due to on-going US and China Trade War we are having a great opportunity to grab the International market and get the bulk orders.

Last five year DGICS Data shows that Export growth is sluggish from last 5 year and the present year i.e. 2019-20 growth is also not up to the mark and showing downward trends.

2009-2010 1,166,282.20  
2010-2011 1,412,867.22 21.14%
2011-2012 1,893,042.53 33.99%
2012-2013 2,198,749.41 16.15%
2013-2014 2,704,017.73 22.98%
2014-2015 2,840,596.25 5.05%
2015-2016 3,001,599.19 5.67%
2016-2017 3,155,505.29 5.13%
2017-2018 3,230,702.05 2.38%
2018-2019 3,676,823.96 13.81%
2019-2020 2121890.69  

In the larger interests of Textile Exporters, the HEWA requests your august office to release the pending RoSCTL and resumption of MEIS scheme at the earliest making it feasible for the Indian Exporters to ship their products timely which will in turn bring export proceeds in India and new orders will come for summer season and hence giving a boost to GDP and generate the employment.

With utter dismay it is brought to your kind notice that even after passage of 9 months of Gazette Notification No.14/26/2016-IT (Vol II) dated 07.3.2019 issued by Textile Ministry, the exporters are still waiting for the release of RoSCTL.