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Recycling old fabric to make interesting useable items

Published: May 29, 2023

There has been a drastic change in the way fast fashion has played a role in the day to day lives of people. In high-income societies like Goa, clothing, footwear, home decor are being purchased, discarded and replaced with the in-vogue designs. With increased wastage of fabrics, artists, fashion designers have found ways to reuse fabric into creating new styles, decor and other products of old clothes.

Shambhavi Nandan Sawaikar from Ponda has been using her time to make some very interesting items from fabric scrap, old sarees and dupattas, uniforms, cut pieces, blouse pieces. “I make big tote bags, grocery bags, multipurpose ouches – various types, cosmetic pouches, sling clutches, money envelopes, Diwali kandeel, rakhis during Raksha bandhan, toran, pillow covers, lampshades, sugar cones for engagement ceremony, foldable fabric baskets, hair accessories for kids like hairbands , bow clips, scrunchies, tic tac clips with flowers and more. I work on different stuff as customers requirements.”

“I insist people to reuse fabric instead of buying new fabric as in we can save energy required to make new fabric and other side is once you empty your wardrobe and can buy new clothes too. I usually use saris as people get new saris for every occasion and the old ones remain inside. It is almost 5 meters of good fabric and can be used in many items. I try to add something unique to my product so that they become a little different and unique. The only problem I face is we don’t get proper raw material in Goa to make these bags and other products.

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