Urdhva Management under the brand Recommerce enables circular economy vision among industries in India. Recommerce is a category-defining company dedicated to building a sustainable reverse commerce ecosystem in India. Urdhva Management Pvt. Ltd, successfully organised the third edition of “Sustainable Clothing and Textile Recycling Conference”- at The Residency Towers, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, on the 10th August 2022. The Conference was organised professionally, with more than 100 distinguished delegates from all over the country attending the event.

The Conference received an overwhelming response and due to the demand from the northern cluster our second gathering and the fourth edition on Sustainable Clothing and Textile Recycling is coming up in Jaipur. The event will be held on the 19th of October 2022 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The conference will bring together experts from industry, academia, non-profits, government, and civil society to discuss key issues related to sustainable textiles including recycling, reuse and repurposing.

Ms. RoopRashi, Textile Commissioner of India, will be the guest of honour and keynote speakers at the Sustainable Clothing and Textile Recycling.

An expert panel of textile industry professionals will be sharing the stage for a day discussing the Manufacturers proactive approach towards textile recyclingto Why is upcycling the biggest trend in fashion right now?

After Agriculture, textiles are the country’s oldest and largest industry. Textile recycling is one of India’s fastest-growing initiatives. The textile industry could affect the improvement of living standards worldwide due to economic development.

The rapid growth of the apparel industry has resulted in a growing amount of wastewater being generated by many industries, resulting in health risks to the workers and the surrounding environment. This can be improved through the judicious use of sustainable fabrics like cotton and polyesters that emit lower levels of hazardous substances during production and disposal due to their biodegradability. Sustainable clothing & textile recycling ensures that new products are made from by-products so as to avoid creating wastages and unnecessary pollution caused by waste treatment plants taking care of industrial effluents. The textiles of Rajasthan represent a mixture of vibrant colors & royal ancestry, as the fabrics in this state are woven with intricate delicacy & extreme attention to detail. When compared to other traditional garments, Rajasthani costumes have a lot of visuals and appeal.We must preserve the traditional garments and find a more sustainable solution.

The main focus of this conference will be on how can we use our existing resources more efficiently to create new products with a minimal impact on the environment. Also how can we develop new technologies that help us reduce waste, conserve energy, water and other resources?

We are expecting about 100+ delegates from all over India, who are interested in learning about sustainable clothing and textile recycling techniques, techniques that can help them to reduce their costs or increase their profits or even help them to create a new business around this topic. The delegates will also get a chance to interact with other delegates who have similar interests as theirs.