E-commerce is the company’s rocket engine. By continuously innovating, we can serve every type of customer.”

January 22nd, 2021, Duesseldorf, Germany – Kornit Digital (Nasdaq: KRNT), a worldwide market leader in digital textile printing technology, announced Westerbroek, Groningen-based Reclameland has invested nearly €20 million in a second production hall and state-of-the-art machines, including the Kornit Atlas system for industrial direct-to-garment (DTG) production on demand, in the past year to further accelerate growth. The fastest-growing online printer in the Netherlands, Reclameland achieved a turnover of almost €23 million in 2019 and a profit of more than €1 million.

Now the second-largest business of its type in the Netherlands, Reclameland’s workforce grew by 20% in the past year, enabling them to handle most production operations internally. They attributed increased demand for printed pieces to a strong growth in online buying, for both consumers and businesses.

“E-commerce is the company’s rocket engine,” says Wouter Haan, CEO of Reclameland. “In peak periods, we are sometimes even on 2,000 orders per day—a challenging process as we do everything in-house. We still have to print, cut, finish, and pack the product before it is shipped.”

Since 2015, their orders have grown by 164%. Reclameland has registered more than 500,000 private and enterprise customers, with about 7,500 added each month. Haan believes this trend will continue in the coming years, as reflected by his company’s continuous investments in innovative, agile production technologies such as Kornit Digital’s.

“2019 marked the definitive breakthrough of online printing, and we have established ourselves as a total print solutions provider for signage, banners, posters, flags, and other digitally printed textiles,” he says.  “By continuously innovating, we can serve every type of customer. Our investment in Kornit technology has empowered us to imprint more than a thousand garments per day with a single operator, meeting the retail quality, wash and light fastness, and sustainability standards of the world’s largest apparel brands.”

To prepare for further growth, which Haan anticipates will accelerate as demand for event-related gear rebounds from COVID-related disruptions, the online printer has opened a new production hall of 25,000 square metres. This brings their total business area to 35,000 square metres, enabling Reclameland to process more large orders in a short time, and continue to its expanding customer base for years to come.

“Reclameland demonstrates the vast opportunities on-demand producers have when they diversify their product offerings and align their operations for a marketplace that increasingly relies on e-commerce,” says Chris Govier, KDEU Managing Director. “Kornit technology offers the perfect foundation for making that business model a success, eliminating slow and costly steps between buyers seeing a brilliantly-designed piece virtually and having it in their hands. We are proud to support Reclameland as they grow to fulfill the promise of digital commerce.”

About Reclameland

Reclameland in Westerbroek, Groningen, is the fastest-growing online printing company in the Netherlands. The printing company was founded in 2008 by the Groningen entrepreneur Wouter Haan and has held the number two position in the market since 2015. Reclameland distinguishes itself by producing all printed matter in-house. The customer has her things at home or at the office the next day. Reclameland achieved a turnover of €23 million last year. The online printing company has about 180 employees, including standby workers. More than 500,000 customers are registered. Every year, the company prints more than 50 million flyers for both companies and individuals. In addition to flyers, Reclameland also supplies stationery, stickers, business cards, and envelopes. Reclameland falls under parent company Simian.

About Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital (NASDAQ:KRNT) develops, manufactures and markets industrial digital printing technologies for the garment, apparel and textile industries. Kornit delivers complete solutions, including digital printing systems, inks, consumables, software and after-sales support. Leading the digital direct-to-garment printing market with its exclusive eco-friendly NeoPigment printing process, Kornit caters directly to the changing needs of the textile printing value chain. Kornit’s technology enables innovative business models based on web-to-print, on-demand and mass customization concepts. With its immense experience in the direct-to-garment market, Kornit also offers a revolutionary approach to the roll-to-roll textile printing industry: Digitally printing with a single ink set onto multiple types of fabric with no additional finishing processes. Founded in 2003, Kornit Digital is a global company, headquartered in Israel with offices in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific, and serves customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. For more information, visit Kornit Digital at www.kornit.com.