June 2021: Welcome to a new era in Ray-Ban where every look is designed to be the definition of confidence. So, whether it’s one of a kind style or totally wired, this year, You’re On in Ray-Ban. Playing out in an eclectic series of shorts, the second You’re On campaign frames a personal view on style, embodying that moment when all that matters is you, how you see life, and how you live that vision to the fullest. Spontaneous, daring and free, it’s more than a look – it’s a vibe, an energy, an attitude, all rolled into one. And it’s as real as it gets. It’s about living in the moment, playing the stage or just doing whatever you have to do as your authentic self. Kicking off the campaign is a series of digital activations that celebrate all things fun and spontaneous, in total Ray-Ban style. 
First in the line-up is the #RayBanElevatorDance TikTok global dance challenge starring the Italian content creator and TikToker Giulia Penna and ten of the world’s coolest TikTok creators. Hailing from EMEA, @laurieelle (UK), @roxanne.off (France), @marekfritza (Germany), @aidamartorell (Spain) and Giulia Vitaliti (Italy), as well as @bdash_2, @yvnghomie, @raino, @luiscervantes and @officiallizsanchez from the US, each TikToker, from March 22nd, will showcase their own interpretation of Giulia’s skilfull moves, inviting their audiences to join the challenge and use the dedicated #RayBanElevatorDance
Plus, we’re launching an exciting new IG filter dedicated to the 100% Ray-Ban prescription service and a new year in Ray-Ban culture. Featuring short video clips made for brand lovers who love to keep up with news, the IG filter enhances all benefit of Ray-Ban Authentic complete pair – making them engaging for a social media environment. So, whether you’re charting a new game plan in the Nomad or charging at a bull market in State Street, everything about this season in Ray-Ban makes sure all eyes are on you and you know what to do: look your audience in the eye and show them what it means to never be afraid of being exactly who you want to be. It’s a whole new world – Get out there, You’re On
Campaign Shorts
Never dropping the controller, two gamers are full-on engaged in trying to 1UP each other in a hot and fast competition wearing the latest Ray-Ban specs. Plus, they’re as smart as they are cool. Pairing authentic Ray-Ban design with state of the art digitally built lenses with the original Ray-Ban signature and all the benefits of advanced UV & Blue Light filters, the Ray-Ban complete pair service redefines the concept of total style to make sure You’re On It. Plus, each set of optical lenses is custom shaped to fit both the frame and the client’s personal specifications, for the ultimate in clarity and comfort.
A chance encounter. An elevator. Total strangers. They meet and connect, creating an unexpected kinship as they embody their authentic self while rocking their Ray-Ban State Street frames. Confined to the small space of the elevator, they share the journey, living the moment, unbothered by the world around them as they elevate their vision. Both ready to be on at any moment.
When it comes to authenticity, this look makes sure it counts. Building on its status, the chunky profile and flared brows make State Street hard to miss with a larger size frame and a hot retro look. Playing-up the tone of a vintage palette, new Havanas pair with gradient shades, signature rivets add an iconic finish.
RX5486 – STATE STREET optical
Born a rebel, this enigmatic optical look, frames smart style with a powerful, stand-out attitude of brave youth that changed the world, beginning in 1968. Lightening up the flared angles of the bold acetate shape, beveled brows, vintage rivets and new Havana textures catch the light, total black makes for a high-impact look that never plays safe.
RX5487 NOMAD optical
Revamping a rare sun icon from the 80’s, the Nomad travels through time to make its comeback with optical. With a bold square shape, extra-deep curved endpieces and wide temples, this one-of-a-kind style is made to move. The look will never go unnoticed in classic black or Havana, and has a more relaxed feel in glowing striped blue/grey