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Published: May 13, 2022


DO IT YOURSELF with Ray-Ban Remix. Customize and create your very own Ray-Ban sunglasses with our speedy online customization service. Choose from over 1.5 million combinations, assembled 90% by hand in our factory in Italy, to make that iconic look yours. And the best bit? You should hear the doorbell with your delivery in just 2 weeks after ordering.



  • There are more than 5 million customization combinations, including model type, lens choices, colour ways, case, and engraving options.
  • Choose from 29 of Ray-Ban’s most iconic styles, there’s the classic design staples like every rock star’s favourite, the Aviator, or the effortlessly cool Wayfarer; keep on trend with Erika or Justin; or even raise the bar with Jack, out latest addition to the REMIX family.
  • With 350 colour variations you can go wild across the spectrum. Whether you prefer pastel block colours to keep it fresh or the chic of classic tortoiseshell, you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • Stay individual with over 200 lens options from Ray-Ban’s timeless, classic green G15 originally developed for military use, through to a mirrored or coloured flash lens to make your shades distinctive.
  • Engrave your case with up to 36 characters over 2 lines – why not include a killer album title, that quote from the summer, or your favourite line from a movie?
  • You’ve got 10 characters to play with when engraving the inside and outside of the sunglasses’ temples too. Here’s your chance to name your loved one or keep it real with your favourite lyric.
  • We can engrave in 3 different font styles, in multiple languages. But if emoji are more your thing, choose from 5 different symbols:♥☺☼♫♪
  • Unlike other customization services, after you lock down your look, you’ll hear the delivery guy ring the bell with your custom order in just two weeks
  • Your Remix sunglasses go through 10 stages when made by the team in Italy, 90% of which is done by hand.


Manufactured in the Ray-Ban factory  in  Italy, each  pair of Remix sunglasses are lovingly put together by our team of craftsmen and women after your order is received. Here’s what happens after you click the almighty order button:

Order arrives

In seconds the order is printed at the Remix Factory in Italy on colour-coded paper. One colour for every day of the week so we can keep track of them all and make sure it’s processed ASAP

Component collection

Now the nitty gritty: getting the parts to create each pair of sunglasses. We have over 4,000 different parts at our disposal and each pair is usually made up of 6 parts (plus some nuts and bolts)

Case engraving

Next, the case is passed through an engraving machine, where you have 36 characters to play with over two lines

Eyewear engraving

Now, it’s time to get inspired. We can also laser engrave 10 characters across the inside and outside of each temple. Here’s your chance to name your bae, or keep it real with that lyric you love

Frame assembly

Then we assemble the frames. Each arm is carefully aligned and attached to the frame by hand

Lens mounting

The Wayfarer lenses are carefully inserted into the frame by hand – with over 30 Wayfarer lenses to choose from, we’ve got a shade with your name on it


Each frame has to match the blueprint of its design to make sure your look is locked down. This is our chance to make any minor adjustments to your frames so that they’re perfect for you

Quality check

Phew, nearly there! We go above and beyond to make sure we beat industry standards and check every pair of sunglasses to make sure they are perfectly crafted. We then give them a final hand-polish before they’re put in their case


All that’s left our end is to ship your pair of Ray-Ban Remix. We have a batch picked up and shipped promptly at 5pm every day from our factory in Italy


Whoop. Did you hear that? That’s the delivery guy ringing the doorbell with your sunglasses just 2 weeks after ordering. And that’s how we do it. Get started and make your Ray-Ban Remix yours. DO IT YOURSELF.

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