Raina Industries Pvt. Ltd was started in 2014, under the ‘Make-In-India’ Initiative of the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, with the mission of bringing the latest technologies from Europe and the US and manufacturing them in India. The aim is to indigenise new age technologies to cater to the rural, peri-urban and urban sectors of the country. Raina Industries is very specifically an engineering and a manufacturing start-up the focus lies on two aspects-

  • Focus on Value Addition into products and application fields ranging from medical, defence, transportation to infrastructure using technical textile solutions
  • Focus on Sustainability by bringing in application of textiles in all these fields to boost textiles, increase jobs in this sector and at the same time to have the products in these fields, which are more sustain

Globally, the most innovative technologies are out of Europe and parts of the US. Technical textile is an application-based industry with high technicality. Thus, keeping in mind, the application of textiles in technical sectors, Raina Industries had decided to focus on end use applications. Raina Industries has started with the construction and infrastructure sector as a high growth potential was observed here, but the vision of Dr. Raina, Managing Director, is to also extend the application to other industries like medical textiles, transportation, defence and more.

Similar to the eco-system in the domain of civil and construction, Raina Industries is also currently focusing on building teams for domains such as Green Hydro gen, Marine In- frastructure, Smart Cities and Material Upcycling to create products and services with tex- tiles as the key ingredient. In its endeavour to build the nation with latest technologies,

As a philosophy of growth, Raina Industries firmly believes in creating innovation eco-systems and working in cross-sectoral teams from the civil, mechanical and mobility sectors to deliver products and services. In the current civil and construction sectors Raina Industries works very closely with Ultratech Cement Ltd and Godrej Construction to develop, produce and sell solutions in the domains of fibre and textile reinforced concrete (TRC). The use of fibres along with high strength and recyclable concrete gives Raina Industries the edge to help develop sustainable structures reinforced by textiles. Textile reinforced concrete helps reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry by reducing the use of cement by up to 80%. This is possible by the use of AR-Glass and Carbon fibre grids, which are incorporated in concrete.

The applications include semi-structural and non-structural applications. In order to be able to deliver high quality innovate products, Raina Industries works intensively with IIT Madras in the domains of con- struction and marine infrastructure. The production capacities of Raina Industries are distributed over six verticals- Façades, street furniture, modular tomorrow or modular toilets, marine infrastructure, composites and interiors. Currently headquartered out of Mumbai, Raina Industries is further expanding in Delhi NCR, Pune and Hyderabad. The company aims at touching a Rs. 500 crore turnover in the next 5 years. The company also spends quality time in innovations, which is a practice they indulge in every day.

In its endeavour to build the nation with latest technologies, Raina Industries was conferred upon with the National Award 2021 by the Technology Development Board, Government of India, for the Successful Commercialisation of Indigenous technologies on the National Technology Day in 2021.

India is a land of over a billion dreams and aspirations, which are seeing a paradigm shift. Every such paradigm shift brings along with it change in the society and the Indian Industry is no different. There are challenges, which need to be addressed, issues to be sorted, procedures and perspectives have to be set right, but most importantly, the intent to undergo a positive change has to be undeterred. Raina Industries very strongly believes in this intent and progresses towards building the Nation.