Rabatex Industries from India the leading manufacturer of these machines since 1962……….

Rabatex have expertise to manufacture various Weaving Preparatory machinery . As per experts what the Buyers needs is technology, user-friendliness and cost effectiveness machines. RABATEX has all the characteristics .They are very use full in production line ups.

Today we here by introduce you to some of these machines which are very use full to boost the efficiency of the departments, thereby making a huge profit and worry free operations.

High Speed Automatic Sample Warper RI 6001

(A most modern & sophisticated machine to prepare the small warp beam with pattern up to 16 single colors bobbins, with which one can weave small quantity of Fabrics for sampling purpose)

  • 1000 Meter. / Min Speed
  • 21 – 450 Meter Warp Length
  • The rotational creel accommodating 16 warp package operated by thread needle and controlled by servo motor
  • Advanced HMI control with remote diagnosis facility
  • User friendly software for pattern feeding, package positioning and color thread selection
  • Hi-tech leasing system synchronized with the thread speed
  • Advanced Pattern Optimization Software for Minimum Production Time

Single End Sizing RI 8001

(This machine helps in sizing the weft yarn and rewinds the same for using for weaving purpose)

  • Individual spindle driven machine available in 4/8/12 configuration
  • Uniform yarn drying using electrical heating
  • Separate dye shade can be sized on individual spindle
  • Maximum winding speed of 300 meters per minute
  • Suitable for count range Ne 6 to 120

Advanced Sectional Warper Model RI 112

(To warp the Costly & Sophisticated yarns with this machine which has very advance technology & facilities.)

  • Multi Axis Servo Controlled for Precise Warp Preparation
  • Warping Speed : 1000 Meter / Min, Beaming Speed : 200 Meter / Min
  • Auto Density Measurement through contactless laser sensor
  • Auto Warp / Beaming tension control
  • Advanced  Controller with Large HMI

Manual & Battery operated material handling equipment

(A very handy & use full to transport the yarns, empty & drawn beams and other materials in department with very less man power accurately & efficiently also there is Beam  Stocker to store both empty & full Beam Pipes)

  • Easy and safe transportation of material both manual & Battery Operated is manufacture.
  • To Store Empty or Full Beam Pipes, either 1 or 2 per position Beam Stockers are used. It can be either 2 tier or 4 tier system

Ultrasonic Reed Cleaning Machine Model RI 1201

(A must for Air jet & Rapier Looms to clean the Reed without brushing resulting increasing the life of Reed )

  • The Reeds are clean with ultrasonic waves, removing Oil Spots, Fluffs and other unnecessary objects.
  • The Air Nozzles, Drop Wires & Healed Wires are also cleans with effectively, increasing the life of the items, and increasing the productivity too.

Rabatex produces all products having CE certified and quality management system ISO 9001 since 1996.