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Published: June 10, 2022

-The logistics company plans to initiate the first phase at the end of June this year in target regions like US, Europe, Middle East Asia, and Japan. 

Pune, June 8th, 2022: India’s leading D2C companies are expanding their footprints in the global markets to tap the rising demand. The Indian entrepreneurs are making their brands global and for which, they are reaching out to the customers directly.  This has resulted in a high demand for a reliable logistics supply chain and to cater to this demand, logistics company Quickshift is all geared up to go global with international shipping. For this, the company is forming strategic tie-ups with carriers and offering price sensitive solutions, last mile deliveries, documentation assistance, easy integration with global marketplaces and more such essential features for cross border deliveries. The logistics company plans to initiate the first phase of the service at the end of June this year in target regions like US, Europe, Middle East Asia, and Japan.

The company already works with many of the successful internet-first D2C brands of India. Many of these brands can compete on the international stage given their attributes and functionalities. With the cross-border program, Quickshift is preparing a platform for these brands to access the international opportunity, thereby deepening its relations with them. Going international is still uncharted territory for Indian brands. Here, Quickshift plans to play the role of a facilitator and an enabler, providing the brands with an easy and efficient solution.

Commenting on this, Anshul Goenka, Founder Quickshift said, “Cross-border deliveries are going to make Quickshift the chosen logistics partner for all brands looking to scale and expand beyond the Indian region. This move will help us leverage our existing clientele’s operations and take it to the next level. With these services, we will also be able to further strengthen strategic ties with global carriers and pass on the benefits to clients. Going global is a move that puts Quickshift in the league of not just fulfilment service providers, but business efficiency partners.”

With shifts in consumer patterns globally, companies are fast adapting the D2C model to reach out to their customers directly. This has been supported with growing online marketplaces which reflect borderless e-commerce is becoming a profitable option for online retailers. Globally D2C online e-commerce market is expected to be a total of $5.55 trillion in 2022.  A trustworthy supply chain is key to the success of any business and the brands too are releasing this fast for superior customer service. Indian brands need to capitalize on every possible opportunity to grow their businesses multifold.

The Indian enterprises already have a well-established customer base in the UK and the USA markets but they are fast expanding to geographies like Asia-Pacific, Africa, UAE, Middle East and many more. The D2C companies are witnessing growing interest in a vast array of products ranging from pharmaceuticals, agricultural products, fashion, electronics, metals, fitness, hygiene and personal care, etc. Quickshift believes this is an opportune time to penetrate into global markets by serving brands as their reliable logistics partner.

The company has already tasted success in India and has 6 FCs in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Pune and is planning one in Hyderabad. It works with over 100 brands. It has a 99% accuracy rate in terms of order processing, and has helped reduce fulfillment costs reduce by 30-35%, As shipping-related roadblocks affect the profitability of any business, performing it with utmost valour with a trusted logistics partner is paramount which is paving the way for Quickshift to help companies in their global ambitions.

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