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“Quality Control Not Aimed At Shopping Imports”; Said Goyal

Published: May 5, 2023

The Centre is adopting Quality Control Orders (QCOs) on a number of goods and services for quicker adoption and alignment with global standards, according to Union Minister for Commerce, Consumer Affairs, and Food Piyush Goyal, who made the announcement here on Wednesday. According to him, the QCOs will enable India to produce goods of the same calibre as those found in sizable international markets, giving foreign importers more faith in Indian products. He pointed out that the National Quality Mission also includes raising awareness among the populace so that they began to demand high-quality goods. He was discussing the use of QCOs to implement standards and the standardisation of new technological fields like electric vehicles and drones with reporters.

No new QCOs, according to him, were introduced without thorough and ongoing industry consultations. “We are in the leather and footwear industry. issued three QCOs in October 2020 following industry consultations. If after two and a half years someone is still noncompliant, then there are vested interests that we are unable to satisfy. Customers in the nation are not willing to purchase inferior goods, he claimed, adding that QCOs would lessen waste and lower costs.


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