Qima, a provider of quality assurance and pattern suggests services, revealed that Guess has chosen Qimaone to modernize its quality assurance system across its end-to-end global market. Guess is ensuring that its items are properly acquired and made using quality assurance best practises by implementing Qimaone.

Qimaone is a joint assurance and supply chain platform which provides brands and providers with uniform quality and compliance data in order to limit interruption, entrance, and ensure continuous improvement.

 “As a global powerhouse, Guess sources apparel from hundreds of supplier factories in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.” Guess may not own factories and rather than collaborates with production facilities and designers all across the world to deliver a final product. According to Qima, “under this operational model, it is critical that the company remains connected to its sourcing footprint in order to maintain end-to-end visibility across its supplier network.”

Guess is bringing all stakeholders in its global supply chain network together with the integration of Qimaone to achieve total supplier transparency all over the company’s procurement presence. Furthermore, with refers to the fact monitoring and collaboration, the Qimaone mobile app enables inspectors from factories, the forth agencies, and the brand to collect vital data more quickly.

“In today’s changing supply chain world, integrated, intelligent inspection skills are critical for survival.” Qimaone enables businesses like Guess to digitally align all stakeholders on a common quality control framework, anytime and anywhere, by leveraging Qima’s industry-leading best practises. Guess can use Qimaone to book local inspectors or request factories to undertake self-inspection with an one click, armed with real-time data on their suppliers. As a result, Qimaone assists Guess in increasing supply chain visibility and agility.” According to Sebastien Breteau, founder and CEO of Qima and Qimaone.