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Punjab : Farmers Plough Bendy Cotton Crop Due to Heavy Rain

Published: August 3, 2020
Author: Millionaires

BATHINDA: With cotton plants wilting in stagnant rainwater, farmers have ploughed the crop in a few areas in Bathinda, Muktsar and Fazilka districts. Some of these farmers have even transplanted basmati in smaller stretches. Farmer Darshan Singh ploughed the cotton crop in his 1.5 acres at Burj Sema village of Maur block of Bathinda. Likewise, Harbhajan Singh removed the crop in 2.5 acres, Dev Singh in 1 acre and Pal Singh in 1.5 acres in the village.


The crop of farmers Dharm Singh, Gurdial Singh and Kartar Singh has been damaged.

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