ProTEC-USA has announced the introduction of new, cutting-edge production work cell equipment that will increase and improve the company’s ability to manufacture EZDoff medical gowns for healthcare and other essential industries.
Cadillac Products Inc. subsidiary ProTEC-USA will boost production capacity from 92,000 EZDoff gowns per week to approximately 300,000 gowns each order week. The new gowns will be offered in three colours — blue, yellow, and white — and will be AAMI PB70 compliant. ProTEC USA will also be offered with level 1, 2, or 3 compliance, depending on the user’s level of protective needs.
According to Lowe, EZDoff garments are intended to retain efficacy while minimising potential self-contamination. The gowns include numerous features and benefits for users, including: a perforated back yoke for safe, simple doffing of medical gowns; a sleeve with a thumb loop for full arm and wrist protection, simultaneous glove donning; and an apron closure to keep the user cool while performing work.