Fashion degrees are a wide range of courses that revolve around designs or adding beauty to existing clothe using different accessories. Everyone wants to show up in a unique design that looks better than others. The urge to look good has made fashion designing a well-known career. Some of the careers in fashion degrees are leather designing, jewelry designing, fashion photography, fashion styling, and fashion contouring. Like any other career, fashion degrees come with advantages and disadvantages. The advantages will keep you going as you pursue the fashion degree, whereas the disadvantages will be a challenge and help you work extra harder. Let us jump straight to see the pros and cons of fashion degrees.

Pros of Fashion Degrees

  • Self-Satisfaction

It is satisfying to see someone wearing a design you created from scratch. If you design your cloth model or add accessories to an existing cloth, and it comes out perfectly, people will start appreciating it. The satisfaction you get from seeing your design on a hit will give you energy and motivation to work extra hard and come up with other designs. When taking a fashion degree course and you need help in your assignment, search “do homework for me” you will get a designing expert who can help you with your homework.

  • It Is Easy To Start Your Own Business        

Once you qualify as a fashion designer, you do not need someone to employ; you can use your skills to earn a decent living. You can start your clothing or accessories brand, then work hard to make it grow. The more unique and classy designs you come up with, the faster the growth of your brand. Be passionate about your work, and no matter how small your brand will be when starting, you will notice gradual growth with time. 

  • Decent and Consistent Income

The income you earn from fashion designing is decent and consistent. You do not have to wait for a fortnight or a month to get your pay. Once you get a client and deliver good work, you get your pay no matter what time of the month. As you grow in the industry, the income becomes more satisfactory. When you create a new design, the more it is used with people, the more you earn. The passion and creativity you put into your work will determine your income.

Cons of Fashion Degree

  • Unpredictable Income

As much as the income is satisfactory, it is unpredictable. Unlike other jobs where you have a standard amount that you earn, the income depends on the workload in fashion designing. At times there are fewer orders, and that means less income. When pursuing a fashion degree, be prepared to be financially disciplined to avoid lack of money when there are fewer orders.

  • Stubborn Customers

Fashion and designing is complex work that needs time. Some customers are stubborn and do not get that you need time to deliver. You might find a customer who gives you lots of orders in a limited time. If you work with less time, the chances are that the outcome might not be satisfying.

  • Unpredictable Working Hours

When you pursue a fashion degree, be sure that your working hours will vary. The workload at hand will determine the amount of time you work. When you set up a new business, you might be required to sacrifice your time to work extra hard and make the business pick. At times you will have to work extra hours to beat client’s deadlines. 


The fashion industry is growing widely in today’s world. Choosing to do a fashion degree will come with challenges, but that should not be an obstacle. No career is better than another. All it takes is dedication, passion, and willingness to grow. If you choose to take a fashion degree as a career, beware of the difficulties and make a wise decision. If you become bold enough to walk through the challenges, you will realize nothing is impossible.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali