The Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts)  implements various schemes for promotion and preservation of endangered crafts including Kheta embroidery and handicrafts artisans through “National Handicraft Development Programme (NHDP)” and Comprehensive Handicrafts Cluster Development Scheme (CHCDS). The NHDP has following components:

  1.  Base Line Survey & Mobilization of Artisans under AmbedkarHastshilpVikasYojana,
  2.  Design & Technology Up gradation,
  3.  Human Resource Development ,
  4.  Direct Benefit to Artisans,
  5.  Infrastructure and Technology Support,
  6.  Research and Development,
  7.  Marketing Support & Services.

The CHCDS has following components:

  1.   Mega Cluster,
  2.   Special projects under Integrated Development and Promotion of Handicraft (IDPH).

Approx. 250 women are engaged in embroidery work. 55 artisans have been enrolled under PAHCHAN initiative. The Office of Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) is also setting up training cum exhibition centre for the promotion of Kheta embroidery. In addition, the first phase of Technical Training Programme under SAMARTH scheme of the Ministry of Textiles is being conducted for promotion and development of Kheta Embroidery benefiting 30 artisans.

Manali bhanushali
Author: Manali bhanushali

Manali Bhanushali