Heberlein AG is launching among other the following products for modification and treatment of synthetic yarns at

ITMA Barcelona 2019 (Hall 6, booth D202) themed by the above motto.

The Heberlein AirSplicer POY, the lightest AirSplicer for splicing POY during false twist texturing DTY.

The automatic splice cycles ensures stable, operator independent quality. It is a robust design but guarantees smooth functioning under extreme condition and a high efficiency can be achieved by high transfer rates in the false twsit texturising process (depending to the yarn count from 95 to 100%).

Knot-free air interlacing for texturising

The new KF Jet Insert guarantees there are no imperfections in the fabric such as pinholes, teardrops or stripes. It provides a 15 – 30% increased unwinding speed compared to non-interlaced yarn paired with improved energy efficiency compared to so called “soft interlacing”.

The Heberlein SlideJet-2T for best interlacing with lowest air consumption

The special design was developed for processing fine multifilament yarn on  Twin-Pac DTY machines with converted take-up positions (for twin packages). The cutting-edge jet inserts technology ensures improved interlacing, small variation from position to position and low air consumption. The ceramic material prevent wear out.

The Heberlein WarpJet provides time saving on threading and energy efficient and customized Interlacing.

The new WarpJet boosts performance improvements of 10 – 50% thanks to higher operating speeds, low air consumption and higher nip number. The modular design allows a choice between a cost optimization or high-end performance solution. The full range of Heberlein jets will operate on the WarpJet up to 32 ends. It’s simple to mount and unmount for easy maintainance.

Heberlein PolyJet SP-2 HP provides high-performance air interlacing for filament spinning applications

The latest generation PolyJet has the full range of jet insert for producing all yarns including finer denier (<50den) with 0.9 mm air orifice. The SP-2 HP offers high-performance in terms of air interlacing tacks numbers and regularity, less broken filaments and reduced air consumption. It has been fully optimized for yarn less than 2.5 dpf and microfilaments operating at lower pressures. With a retrofit option, it is possible to replace the jet pack on existing SP-2 housings or for customers specific design as for Barmag FDY Wing as well as for TMT ORKA POY production machines.

Taslan air – texturing – TexJet-ATY

For the Taslan air-jet texturing program all approved TexHead types are shown, some will be launched and introduced for the first time at ITMA.

Series Dx0, such as D40, D50

For voluminous yarns and high over feed up to 200%, for technical application and fashion

Series Dx1, such as D12

For more volume, covering capacity, and overfeed and higher texturing speed

Series Dx2, such as D002

for the processing of ultrafine ATY, total yarn count from 10 … 50 dtex

Series Dx3, such as D13, D33, D43

For extremely compact high stable yarns, for automotive and houshold textiles

Series Dx4, such as D14, D24, D34, D44

For effect yarns, for fashion, sportwear, leisure wear and household textiles