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Published: July 8, 2022

An innovativeand well-known weaving machine manufacturer from Italy, SMIT’s rapier looms are reputed for their versatility, high productivity, superior quality fabric production, and capability to handle a wide range of weft material and yarn counts. Other notable features of SMIT weaving machinesinclude grippers which are easily adjustable and remain stable while weaving. SMIT rapier looms can be equipped with rapier weft insertion optimised for home textiles, garments, terry towels, and customised solutions to produce special technical fabrics.


FAST stands for Flexible Advanced ShuttlelessTechnology.SMIT’s 2FAST is a high speed, shuttleless rapier loom that features free-flight rapier ribbon movement, which exchanges the weft at the centre. This enables 2FAST to operate at weft insertion speeds of up to 1650 metres/min, depending on the style and machine width.Itis thus able to achieve the best fabric construction at the highest speed with the lowest stress for yarn – thanks to the longest beating time among machines of this kind.

SMIT’s free flight system does not have ribbon guide hooks which ensures a ‘clean shed’. Furthermore, the optimised shed geometry translates into perfect fabric construction. As a result, 2FAST can handle diverse fabric applications such as apparels, home textiles, and technical textiles.

2FAST is the most compact loom in the market today, with simple and low, strain-free access to the front of the loom. Additionally, the ‘robust design’ methodology employed by SMIT means a stiffer frame, which guarantees the longest machine life and the lowest spare parts consumption.

Technical specifications:

§  Width: 170 – 380 cm

§  Suitable for dobby and jacquard

§  Suitable for a wide range of yarn

§  Weft selection: 8 – 12 colours

§  Quick style change

§  2SAVE – weft saving device



§  Classic shirting

§  Linen fabrics

§  Worsted suiting

§  Saree and dress materials

§  Home furnishings

§  Woollen shawls and stoles

§  Denim

§  Terry towels

§  Technical textiles

2FAST is a well proven machine with excellent performance demonstrated in several installations in Surat (India).

Reviewed by: KVG, AK, NS, AAB

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