Design is only as strong as the understanding of the marketing teams supporting and promoting those designs. So, the alignment between product teams and marketing teams is imperative to the success of circular fashion, according to Laxmi Haigh, scientific writer, Circle Economy. The uptake of circularity will depend on the authentic communication of its benefit to the world at large. But moving forward, brands must ensure that their awareness of circularity is elevated to become a brand purpose; an action-orientated definition of values and purpose. This can future-proof brands in their circularity; a brand that thinks from the inside out, striving to improve sustainable, circular and humanistic goals in a holistic way,”  Haigh, with Yasmina Lembachar and Kinge Gardien, writes in an article in the hard bound fifth edition of the Sustainability Compendium – ‘Going Circular’ brought out by Fibre2Fashion.

“Consensus is growing that it is time for a systems overhaul. The transition to a circular economy—be it in fashion, agriculture or construction—requires the perspectives and support of a range of stakeholders. Now is the time to unite as we move toward a circular economy,” adds Haigh in her article ‘Crafting Compelling Communications’.