UK based printmaker Molly Mahon, best known for her beautiful block printed fabrics and wallpapers, has discovered the simple joy of potato printing during the lockdown. She is running an auction to raise money for Charleston (UK), for which prominent artists are making their very own potato prints.

As there has been a surge in people engaging with their creative sides. Molly Mahon’s potato printing workshops on Instagram, shows creativity can be channeled via the humble potato. She is an expert when it comes to printing, colour and pattern.

However, potato printing does not require any experience in the industry. All one needs is a potato, some paint and a piece of paper. It’s accessible for everyone, regardless of age.


Molly’s potato printing was so well received that she is now running an auction named #greatpotatoprintingsociety on Instagram, to raise funds for Charleston, the historic house that has been struggling financially during the pandemic. Approximately 20 prominent artists and artists are involved.