Boris Johnson, Britain’s new Prime Minister-designate, said his government would be very “pro-China”, in an interview with Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong-based Chinese-language broadcaster shortly before he was chosen to succeed Theresa May on Tuesday, reported the South China Morning Post.

“We are very enthusiastic about the Belt and Road Initiative. We are very interested in what President Xi is doing [for the plan],” he said.

Johnson also vowed to keep Britain as “the most open economy in Europe” for Chinese investments. “Don’t forget [we are] the most open international investment [destination], particularly [for] Chinese investment. We have Chinese companies coming in to do Hinkley, for instance, the big nuclear power plant.”

The interview did not touch on whether a Johnson government would restrict access to Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. The British government delayed a decision on Monday on whether to restrict or ban Huawei over national security concerns.