The Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) announced the signing of
MOUs with three leading Associations in different Regions to help broaden their
reach and spheres of providing service to the Indian Domestic Garment Industry.
Each of these Associations will become affiliated to CMAI, which is also creating a
National Co-ordination Committee of Associations of Domestic Garment Industry, in
which these Associations will be represented, so that a cohesive, comprehensive,
and united voice of the Industry can be created.
The Associations who have tied up with CMAI are:

Although initially formed to cater to the growing body of Exporters of Rajasthan,
particularly in Jaipur, GEAR’s Membership has increasingly turned to the Domestic
market in addition to their traditional Exports. Today close to 80% of their Members
would be operating in the Domestic sector directly or indirectly. They are a
progressive, forward looking, and service-oriented Association with ambitious plans
for the future, and they will add tremendous value to CMAI Members for any
assistance required in Rajasthan.

GEAR is a 42 years old Association and currently has over 275 Members.

As you are perhaps aware, WBHA Members are primarily involved in Manufacture
of Hosiery Underwear Garments, Lingerie, and Kids wear and catering largely to
the Domestic Market.

Some of India’s Leading Brands in Lingerie and Kids wear are based in Kolkata.

WBHA is a 50 years old Association and currently having over 350 Members. It is
providing yeomen service to the Industry members of West Bengal, and is one of
the most important voices for the Hosiery Industry. They will be an important
addition to the scope and spread of services to the CMAI Membership.


As IS well known, Indore is one of the most Important Manufacturing centers of
Madhya Pradesh, and also a significant player on the National scene especially in
the Kids wear segment. Though only 6 years old, AMSI’s young leadership has
been very active in development of Indore’s Garment industry, and has aggressive
plans for improving the Technology, Productivity, and Progress of its Member
manufacturers. CMAI’s CSR project of an Eye Camp in Indore was in collaboration
with AMSI. Here too, CMAI Members will receive tremendous value for any
assistance required in Indore.
Currently they have close to 170 Members, in both Exports and Domestic sectors.

Rakesh Biyani, President, CMAI, welcomed this development and hoped that this
will lead to a substantial growth in the outreach of CMAI in these regions, and at the
same time promote the activities of these Associations all across India, through the
medium of CMAI’s offices and membership spread across India.
Rahul Mehta, Chief Mentor, CMAI added “It gives me great pleasure to see the
signing of the MOUs, as it marks the culmination of efforts which have been on for
the last several months. I would also like to thank and compliment the leadership of
GEAR, WBHA, and AMSI, for their foresight and initiative in partnering with CMAI”.