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Premier Energies India Certified as ‘Top Performer’ Among Global PV Manufacturers by PVEL

Published: May 25, 2023

Premier Energies Limited, India’s 2nd largest integrated Solar cell and Module manufacturer has been recognised as ‘Top performer‘ among global PV manufacturers in PVEL’s 2023 PV module reliability score card. Premier Energies, backed by global environment fund GEF Capital (based in Washington DC), has offices in India and Toronto and offers reliable, high performance Solar Cells and Modules across the globe. The Company’s state of the art, fully automated line in Hyderabad (India) has annual capacity of 2GW of cells and 3 GW of modules.

Based on PVEL’s rigorous Product Qualification Program (PQP) that includes a battery of tests like thermal cycling, damp heat, mechanical stress sequence, potential-induced degradation (PID), light- induced degradation (LID), light and elevated temperature-induced degradation (LETID) and PAN performance, 88 modules of Premier Energies spanning 400W, 450W, 500W 540W series, have qualified as Top Performer. Premier Energies modules have in fact delivered high reliability scores of less than 1% degradation in critical tests like LID+LETID and less than 2% degradation in PID. These reliability scores, in simulated real world rigorous conditions are highly relevant to solar developers who are looking for modules that perform reliably under varying and testing conditions.

Chiranjeev Saluja, Managing Director of Premier Energies said, “As an integrated Solar Cell and Module manufacturer, we have better controls on quality and cost and we are uniquely placed to offer long term reliable and cost effective modules. We have been a pioneer in the solar technology and manufacturing space for 28 years. PVEL ‘Top Performer’ achievement is a further testament of our engineering capability and module reliability that we have built over the last 3 decades.”

We congratulate Premier Energies for achieving Top Performer status in the 2023 PV Module Reliability Scorecard,” commented Tristan Erion-Lorico, VP of Sales and Marketing at PVEL. “This is particularly noteworthy given that they have achieved this distinction in the first year of participating in PVEL’s Product Qualification Program which provides vital knowledge on PV module long term reliability and performance.”

About Premier Energies

Founded in 1995, Premier Energies is India’s 2nd largest integrated Cell and Module manufacturer with Module Capacity of 3GW and Cell Capacity of 2GW. Our state of the art, fully automated facility in Hyderabad is GOLD rated by US Green Building Council. Backed by GEF Capital (Washington DC based global environment fund) and with offices in India and Toronto, we supply high quality, 3rd party validated bankable solar modules across the globe.

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