Fairtrade Premium Programme 2019

In association with Fairtrade, Pratibha Syntex, a textile conglomerate, has presented refrigerator, washing machine and other home appliances to its associates during a Fairtrade Premium Programme 2019, held at P6 campus on Tuesday. The initiative was supported by elite brands like Patagonia, MEC and Prana.

Ms. Sumita Sharma from Fairtrade and Mr. H. S. Jha Vice President HR and Mr. Aditya Chopra, Vice President Productions from Pratibha Syntex marked their presence in the program.

During the event, the home appliances were gifted to as many as 4041 associates for their respective families. This year gifts worth Rs 2.3 crore were given to the associates.

To understand the need of the associates and their families, a survey was conducted prior to the event. On the basis of responses received from associates, five options including 190 liter freezer, washing machine, and combo offers like an iron+ cooler, mixer grinder + iron + Fan, Iron + induction cooktop + Blender, Induction cooktop + mixer grinder were given. The associates had an option to select any one option on the basis of requirement of his family.

On the occasion, Mr. H S Jha mentioned that such activities strengthen the bond between the company and its associates. This initiative has been running since 2014 and has played a pivotal role in motivating associates to perform.

We had started the initiative in 2014, with distribution of raincoats and today we are distributing home appliances like refrigerator and washing machine to our associates.

We understand that it is difficult for working women to execute household chores on a daily basis. So we had kept an option of a washing machine. Our associates can gather the clothes for a week and on Sunday can wash them in a washing machine. The time saved on washing clothes gives ample quality time to her to spend it with family members.

Besides, some associates have been getting up as early as  4 am to prepare food for their family members. By utilizing refrigerator they can keep their food fresh till evening hours when their kids would be coming back from school.

Notably, Pratibha has been organizing the Fairtrade Premium Programme since 2014. In 2014, raincoats were gifted to associates, while in 2016, water purifier, in 2017 mixer grinder and in 2018 cookware were distributed.