India’s nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on the migrant laborers in many unprecedented ways.

With the shutdown of factories and workplaces, thousands of migrant workers are looking into a bleak future while dealing with food shortages, financial crisis with little or no help.

Lack of jobs and money in this economic crisis is forcing them to go back to their villages by walking hundreds of miles. COVID 19 has created more uncertainty and disruptions for the vulnerable population of migrant workers and their families.

Amid this erupting chaos, Pratibha Syntex Limited, a leading textile conglomerate has taken initiatives to aid the domestic migrant workers by donating 750 t-shirts to their Children with the help of a social organization called Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram in various villages of Dhar district.

Additionally, Collaborating with Indore Municipal Corporation, Pratibha Syntex distributed one-month groceries to 60 families of migrant workers receding in Indore. Groceries supplied to them include wheat flour, pulses, rice, cooking oil, sugar, and few spices.

The organization has been distributing food packets to 500 people daily since implementation of lockdown. Besides, distributed basic food grains to the slum areas of Pithampur district a few days back. Additionally, Pratibha Syntex has donated around 40000 masks in Pithampur with the help of district administration.