Indonesian Personal Protective Equipment manufacturer is preparing to export the coveralls due to excess in national supplies during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, duly complying with International standards for the product. The companies have qualified for the quality test for water resistance and hydrostatic pressure stated by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC).

Kartasasmita said domestic PPE producers can now provide 648 million coveralls every year, which far exceeds the annual domestic consumption of 11.3 million.

The export plans come after the trade ministry recently revoked an export ban on healthcare products, allowing manufacturers to ship abroad simple masks, N-95 masks, coveralls, surgical gowns, and raw materials for face masks amid domestic oversupply.

Meanwhile, the country’s total exports were down by 28.95 percent year on year in May at $10.53 billion, the lowest level since July 2016, due to reduced shipments of coal, coffee, palm oil, as well as oil and gas.

Apart from coveralls, the minister said Indonesia could now produce 3 million N-95 masks and 4.7 billion surgical masks per annum, which also far surpassed estimated domestic needs at 172 million masks every year.