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PowerTex India scheme will relaunch from 1 April, 2020

Published: September 17, 2019

In a recently organised, Regional textile conference of western states, the textile secretery announced that the PowerTex India scheme will be relaunched from 1 April, 2020. Under the scheme, 50% subsidy will be provided by the government to power loom units that have a maximum of eight looms for solar energy adoption for captive use either off grid system or in grid system. The leaders of textile associations are demanding increses the cap of eight looms to 24 or more looms for the benefit of powerloom sector.

This three-year all-inclusive PowerTex India scheme was started by the Ministry of Textiles in the year 2017. The aim of the scheme is to boost country’s powerloom sector by providing financial support to powerloom weavers. The scheme embraces branding, subsidies, new markets, new research & development in power loom textiles, and welfare schemes for the powerloom workers.

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