Pon Pure Chemicals is a fast-growing Indian chemical company with a turnover of USD 400 million (Taka 3000 crores) and 4 decades of expertise in serving multiple industrial segments with diverse products.

It operates across Australia, Bangladesh, Dubai, Singapore and Sri Lanka with 28 branches in India. Pon Pure serves various industries like textiles, leather, sugar, lubricants, paper, paint & coatings, food, printing, water treatment, oil field chemicals, press room chemicals, adhesives and surface treatment chemicals.

Recently Suryaprakas, Executive Director of Pon Pure Chemicals Group had a discussion with Textile Today and shared its vision, mission and future plan for Bangladesh.

Textile Today: Could you please brief us on Pon Pure Chemicals Group’ in general?

Suryaprakas: We have been focusing on creating innovative products in our R&D to serve the textile & apparel industry. We started these journey ten years back and we have made significant progress.

Our products help the industry meet exacting performance and sustainability requirement. We not only have solutions for printing and finishing but also for water treatment requirements of the industry. We are driven by innovation and guided by experience.

Our PUREPRINT®, PURONAL® and PURER® range of products meet the emerging requirement of the textile industry like better fabrics, sustainability, and total operating cost. Our products address specific needs and challenges, the concept behind each of our product is focused on efficiency, conserving time, energy and overall operating cost.

A full-fledged R&D team of 20 + knowledgeable researchers are constantly at it. Our current focus is on expanding our ecofriendly product line.

Textile Today: What is your company Vision & Mission?

Suryaprakas: To be the Most Preferred global chemical company and make a positive impact across industries by providing quality products, services and innovative solutions.

Textile Today: What kinds of products range you have especially for T&A industry?

Suryaprakas: Our focus product line in textile printing are our PUREPRINT® range, covers pigment printing package, discharge, rubber and other specialties. Our PURONAL® range of product covers pre-treatment, finishing, dye-auxiliaries. Our PURER® range of product covers decolourant, flocculants, RO and evaporator Antiscalant.

Pon Pure Chemicals Group
Figure 2: Premises of Pon Pure Chemicals Group.

Textile Today: What is your core competence and why?

Suryaprakas: Our core competency includes resourceful R&D and application team to create appropriate solutions for problems in industries. We have dedicated professionals for technical services, well-organized logistics network and widespread presence in the Sub-Continent.

Textile Today: Why ‘Pon Pure Chemicals’ think Bangladesh is prospective for their business, when apparel manufacturers feel insecure because of overall soaring manufacturing cost day by day?

Suryaprakas: Bangladesh is the world’s second-largest next to China, Readymade Garment (RMG) exporter with an ambitious plan of USD 33 billion in 2019 to USD 50 billion by the year 2021. This is a great opportunity for all and of course challenging. Country’s 81% of exports come from the RMG sector, and the textile and apparel sector contributes around 20% to Bangladesh’s GDP.

Today, the Bangladesh textile industry is looking to produce high value-added garments and also at the right cost. Pon Pure exactly fits into this requirement. We provide innovative and cost-effective printing, finishing and water treatment solutions.

Textile Today: What is your contributions for sustainability?

Suryaprakas: We at Pon Pure, sustainability is an important attribute in whatever we do. At every stage, starting from product innovation and design, sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing and applications, we incorporate ideas of sustainability.

Especially, in the textile & apparel industry in terms of sustainable water consumption has gained a hot topic at present. Up to 100 liters of water is required to dye just one kilogram of cotton fabric, where water is used in many stages of production from growing the cotton seeds to washing, bleaching and dyeing fabrics, which means there is a tremendous amount of water that goes into creating one final garment.

Each and every garment produced has a direct impact not only on the world’s valuable water resources but on the apparel industry’s bottom line. Rise of technologies and innovation in chemistry is much needed across the Globe.

Ponpure always believes in long term sustainability in business with determined cost-saving and ecological parameters which can support our customers and the organization. Our products not only saves water but also saves time and energy and provides ecological benefits.

Textile Today: Could you please brief on your R&D? What new innovation is coming for T&A industry?

Suryaprakas: Pon Pure Group research and development unit brings together a team of enthusiastic employees who are dedicated to the development of innovative products focusing mainly on the betterment of customer and environment.

Our team works with new products in diversified fields including textile, paper, paint & coatings, sugar, water treatment, food, lubricants, press room chemicals, etc.

We are equipped with sophisticated lab facilities and a pilot-scale reaction plant to facilitate pre-commercial production.

Our goal is to develop value-added, sustainable, globally competent products with novel technologies.   Few of our sustainable products with superior performance in textile printing sector are:

  • Heavy metals free (like Nickel, Cadmium, etc.) pigment printing package especially for baby wear.
  • Our discharge printing package passing ecological standards without severe after treatment.
  • Reactive printing package with the better fastness and less after treatment.
  • Binder soft package – substitute for reactive printing
  • Multi-Color Rubber Printing by a continuous or discontinuous method.
  • Good finishing range of products which improves hand feel without affecting its fastness.
  • Wet-rub improver for both reactive and pigment printing.

Textile Auxiliaries: PURONAL® and PURESOFT® a unique chemistry based Non-Ionic Wetting cum Scouring agent for all types of fabrics – Puronal® Wet NF 60 Conc. Next-generation Organo modified Non-Yellowing Hydrophilic Silicone, gives very good inner and surface handle – Puresoft® Ultra Touch Conc.

High efficient single-shot electrolyte stable washing off the agent, drastically helps to improve the wash fastness properties with less water consumption – Puronal® Wash 600 Conc.

Water Treatment: PURER®, we have excellent green chemistry for total water solutions for influent and effluent treatment. Our Green Biocides eliminates Chlorine. A good replacement product for Lime and Dolomite which is normally used for Silica removal in water. An effective deoiling Polyelectrolyte for oil contamination in water especially in textile printing. Excellent Decolorants for textile effluents. Good Disinfectant to reduce BOD & COD. Effective Coagulants and Flocculants for the textile industry.

Textile Today: What is your future plan?

Suryaprakas: We consider Bangladesh as our focus market and we have already set up an office with a Country Manager and in the process of expanding the team shortly.

We have recently appointed Scarlet Services as our channel partner in Dhaka. Our stocks are available locally. Our next step is to establish a well-equipped technical service center.

Reference: https://www.textiletoday.com.bd/pon-pure-provides-innovative-printing-finishing-water-treatment-solutions/