EZMA, an Indian brand specialist in luxury cashmere, which manufactures all kinds of cashmere products including scarves, stoles, as well as shawls, mufflers, carpets and blankets, has partnered with Polygiene, an active odour control technology. EZMA will offer Polygiene a ViralOff treated cashmere products, starting with a range of scarves.
“A strategic alliance with Polygiene AB and specifically for the ViralOff treatment, a proven name in its own field, allows EZMA to offer its patrons a sense of confidence and security in using the EZMA Fine Cashmere products, especially in context of this post-Covid world order” Sameer Mehra, managing director of EZMA, said in a press release.
“It’s a start for us in cashmere fabrics,” Ulrika Björk, CEO of Polygiene said. It makes a lot of sense to go with Viraloff in products like scarves as they are so close to your face – but beyond the antiviral properties we should also remember they need less washing and therefore these beautiful cashmere fabrics will last longer. We expect to expand in other ranges going forward.”
EZMA, is the division of the ESSMA Group, started in 2002. EZMA works with a vertically integrated manufacturing system from carding to combing, specialty spinning, weaving on traditional Kaani or Handloom, complex dobby’s, ultra-modern weaving systems, each process is carried out to perfection within the production facilities owned by the ESSMA group.