PG Denim, the designer project by Paolo Gnutti, is presenting important product innovations notably new concepts developed for S/S 2021 season in the Blue Zone at Munich Fabric Start (September 3-5). The focus will be on circularity seen from dual perspective: the product with no longer traditional alternation of seasons and a sustainability oriented approach.
The new PG Denim approach is geared towards overlapping seasonality, with less and less marked separations between projects dedicated to the spring-summer and fall-winter lines. The collections by PG Denim can thus be increasingly defined as a ‘mix of products without seasonality’. Its focal points are innovation alongside the concept behind the initial idea, as opposed to just the season, said the company in a press release.
“This trend is also due to registering the fact that seasonality – in terms of environment and trends – is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. As a response to this situation, the choice has been made to design new collections starting from macro-trends and presenting fabrics for garments which are easy to wear, suitable for both warm and cold temperatures, in a true melting pot of weights and sizes,” said Paolo Gnutti, CEO and R&D head at PG Denim.
The lines for the previous season are thus reintroduced and restyled playing with weights and sizes, within a range where flock meets ultra-light fabric bases, or where vinyl is combined with typically summer weights which shift the fabric towards the world of ‘paper’ with crispy touches, resulting in extraordinarily lightweight and strong items at the same time. Also the garage denim has been upgraded with fluid and smoothed touched for garments which are easy to wear and have a strong personality.
The PG Denim season is also enhanced by its partnership in The Denim Window project, which has resulted in a limited series of Creative Capsule Collections, derived from the idea of bringing together companies which had already worked or were working together, trying to highlight – through small capsule collections – the best of what had already been produced by traditional businesses. This has resulted in three trailblazing capsules, two of which designed in partnership by PG Denim and companies the likes of M&J Group, Cadica and Greenwear. Several copies of these collections have been made to travel the world, and they are going to have a special corner at the Denim Window in the Bluezone at Munich Fabric Start.
Also the PG Denim approach to accountability in production processes has been enhanced by implementing the ‘Circular Programme’. As part of its corporate vision, Italian-style production is combined with compliance with what have become known as ‘the five Rs’, that is to say key concepts underlying the design and manufacturing model: Reduce (everything you are not using), Repair (everything you can), Reuse (anything available to you), Recycle (all that is left), Respect (everything around you). This is the philosophy underlying each individual process at PG Denim, and leading to new specific programmes which have been its business focus over the past few months.
As regards regular production, on the other hand, PG Denim follows stringent international standards, including Dtox, Reach and Gots in all its processing phases, also using BCI cottons and the Organic Cotton Standard for raw materials. Last but not least, it was recently awarded the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.
In partnership with Berto and Eurotessile, PG Denim offers a completely integrated supply chain to deliver amazing 100 per cent Made In Italy fabrics, following the stream of fashion contamination. Customers such as Diesel, Closed, Chanel and Louis-Vuitton have chosen the premium fabric by PG Denim that since 2018 has also been one of the official sponsors of the ‘Vicenza Calcio’ football team. (PC)