Government of India, vide DGFT Notification No. 48/2015-2020 dated 25th February, 2020, has clarified that the following personal protection equipment are freely exportable.

1) Surgical Masks/Disposable Masks (2/3 Ply)

2. All Gloves except NBR Gloves.

3. All Ophthalmic instruments and appliances under ITCHS 901850 except Medical Goggles

4. Surgical Blades

5. Non-Woven Shoe covers (Disposable)

6. Breathing appliances used by Airmen, Divers, mountaineers or Firemen

7. Gas Masks with chemical absorbent for filtration against poisonous vapour, smoke, gases

8. HOPE Tarpaulin/Plastic Tarpaulin

9. PVC conveyor belt

10. Biopsy Punch