Tissue log saw now provides independent lane control and independent flight control

GREEN BAY, Wis. — June 18, 2020 — Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC), part of Barry-Wehmiller, has announced that the Xcut saw, its newest tissue log saw, now includes two new technologies to improve the performance of both the saw and downstream packaging equipment.  

Through the patent-pending SmartFlowTM technology, the Xcut saw provides both independent lane control and independent flight control to eliminate air cuts and increase saw speed. The more robust Xcut is easier to maintain, while still approaching production rates that were historically only achievable by complex continuous-motion log saws.

When feeding multiple packaging machines, SmartFlow can be used to balance and manage the flow of rolls downstream. If one packaging machine goes down, the logs being cut in the lanes feeding that machine will complete the cutting process, and the accumulator will stop feeding logs into the affected lanes. If subsequent logs had already been loaded into the affected lanes but had not yet begun the cutting process, the logs will remain there until the packaging machine is ready and the other lanes also have logs loaded and ready to cut. The accumulator will resume loading logs into the affected lanes when the packaging machine is ready and the affected lanes are clear of logs. The saw continues cutting logs in the other lanes without interruption throughout this process.

In addition, the patented Xcut includes an option for a diverter-like controllability, which allows for infeed lanes to be controlled independently. A single lane can be turned off or on in the span of one or two logs. When paired with SmartFlow, this on-demand, independent lane control balances roll output to downstream packaging equipment, preventing backlogs.  

“These key features allow for increased saw speed and a more controlled downstream performance,” said Jonathon Zahn, Lead Mechanical Engineer for the Xcut. “Instead of sacrificing one for the other, you get both.”