A mixed trend was noted in polyester and PC yarn today as prices of virgin yarn eased, while that of recycled yarn gained in north India’s Ludhiana market. Fabric manufacturers’ buying shifted to cheaper recycled yarn. Prices of PC yarn eased down by ₹5-6 per kg. However, recycled poly spun yarn and high tenacity yarn gained up to ₹17 per kg.

A Ludhiana based trader told Fibre2Fashion, “Higher prices of virgin PC yarn is discouraging buyers as poor demand did not allow them to raise their product prices. Therefore, rush to cheaper alternative is pushing down prices of recycled yarn.” The price of 30 count PC yarn fell by ₹6 per kg, while that of 30 count recycled poly spun yarn increased by ₹17 per kg. High tenacity recycled yarn further gained ₹2 per kg.

In Ludhiana market, 30 count PC combed yarn (48/52) was sold at ₹300-312 per kg (GST inclusive), according to Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool TexPro. 30 count PC carded yarn (65/35) was priced at ₹280-290 per kg. 20 count PC (recycled-O/E) PSF yarn (40/60) was traded at ₹210-215 per kg. 30 count poly spun yarn was sold at ₹185-200 per kg, and 30 count recycled poly spun yarn at ₹172-177 per kg. Acrylic NM (2/48) was priced at ₹320-330 per kg, while acrylic NM (2/32) was at ₹275-285 per kg. However, high tenacity recycled fibre gained ₹3 to ₹93-96 per kg.

The price of poly spun fibre (PSF) increased further from ₹125 per kg to ₹126 per kg. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has fixed prices of raw material as: PTA ₹97.20 per kg, MEG ₹60.40 per kg and MELT at ₹100.64 per kg, as per TexPro. Traders expect demand for PC yarn to improve in next one week.