United States patent office has granted the patent to Trident Limited for “woven fabric with improved comfort”. This innovation provides for fabric construction, composition, and crimp control processes that provide magnified comfort and performance by improving features like thermal conductivity and moisture regulation along with other characteristics such as smoothness, drying property, tensile strength. The grant of this patent provides further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by Trident.

Trident Ltd. is the flagship company of Trident Group, a USD 1 billion Indian business conglomerate and a global player. Headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, Trident Ltd. is a vertically integrated textile (Yarn, Bath & Bed Linen) and Paper (Wheat Straw-based) manufacturer and is one of the largest players in Home Textile Space in India. Supplying national, captive, and retailer-owned brands, the organization is highly decorated with awards from its customers, vendors, and various government entities in recognition of advancing the highest standards in product quality, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

The company operates in two major business segments: Textiles and Paper with its manufacturing facilities located in Punjab and Madhya Pradesh.

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